Make fish soup

Well, I seriously doubt that what is sold as ‘oxtail’ in the markets really comes from an ox. I’m sure it comes from the same steers as the rest of the meat, but it sounds strange to say “oxtail” or even “cowtail.” Obviously, it’s one of those (sorry for the […]

Fl-Opportunity: when opportunity, costs

The other day I was watching a show where famous people painted their portraits while giving an interview. This week it was the Australian comedian, musician and director; Tim Minchin. It was big in the UK. It is big in Australia. I don’t know how well known it is in […]

How to Get a Like New Oracle DBA Job

All the latest dreams of landing a good Oracle DBA job at a reputable company after completing an Oracle Database Administrator certification course. Most companies hire newcomers to serve their clients around the world. You may not get a real DBA job right away like a newer version, but you […]

Speaking in your ideal pitch range

When people judge your voice, they often comment on the quality of your tone. The concept of how tone is defined can be easily misinterpreted. On a technical and scientific level, vocal tone is described as the way the vocal cords vibrate together to create sound. For a non-technical person, […]