The easy ways to send bulk SMS

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of low-cost, instant communication via bulk SMS messaging for clients and colleagues alike. And while a large corporation will have access to an IT department to provide this communication tool, what are smaller companies supposed to do? The good news is […]

Amazon, king of disruptors

AN INTRODUCTION When it comes to disruptive technology, there is one company that reigns supreme. Amazon ($AMZN). Amazon and its trailblazing founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, are responsible for disrupting more industries than I can count on my hands, and still continuing. In this article I am going to explain […]

Home Staging on a budget

Staging is an essential and profitable part of the home selling process. Staging your home to showcase its qualities can only increase its final sale price. On average, people receive a $2 increase in sales price for every $1 they spend to organize a home. When arranging your home for […]

Wheelchair vans and their advantages

Handicap vans or wheelchair vans are vehicles that are modified to accommodate disabled people in wheelchairs. These vans are very adaptable, versatile and useful for transporting people with disabilities. They are specially designed for those who have difficulty moving due to certain disabilities. There are two types of modifications that […]