letter "I" in the english language

In many discussions or paragraphs in the English language, the suffixes “ion” or “ing” will appear a lot. That is why the letter I in general is a very common letter in English. When it comes to brand names, the whole idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnaming with the letter I changes. You […]

Hooray for the Legitimate Hall of Fame!

Yes NBA. They did the right thing. “The Worm” will become a member of the Hall of Fame (I hope) in August 2011. Baseball Hall of Fame, joke. Until Pete Rose is there, MLB Hall is illegitimate. I’m not a “Charlie Hustle” fan. But the all-time hits leader, come on. […]

The shacks that pizza built

Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza chain, has 12,000 stores in 84 countries and has one of the most successful franchise systems in the world. But no one unfamiliar with the chain would have known that two college kids baked the first of what would later become America’s favorite pizza, […]

Buffalo Technology DriveStation Axis 1TB Review

Buffalo Technology’s DriveStation Axis 1TB is a family of desktop external hard drives that offer high performance and easy-to-use storage. Easily connects to your computer for additional storage or backup of data files, video, music and photos. Buffalo has a feature-rich suite of software tools designed to boost PC performance. […]

Employment Lawyers: Services and Benefits of Retaining One

Employment attorneys practice a wide range of employer-employee relations law dealing with how employers should treat their employees, whether they are currently employed or former employees and applicants. A good employment lawyer reduces the risks of the employer and the employee through the direction they provide to protect the rights […]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Marketing

Are you a mother with young children? She dreams of having a home business but you wonder, “How will I get clients if I can’t even leave the house?” The good news is that she can use creative, low-cost ways called “guerrilla marketing strategies” to reach her customers. The great […]

Cooking Healthy Recipes – Healthy Cooking Tips

Healthy cooking is today when people are becoming more aware of what they eat. Of course, eating healthy is one of the important things that you have to always remember if you don’t want to suffer from diseases and other health problems later. In fact, choosing and switching to cooking […]