Real food, less regrets

Many of you have seen “What The Health” for some strange reason, some of you have concluded that the information was biased. Well I am living proof that a whole plant based lifestyle is the only lifestyle proven to reverse and prevent! Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are just a […]

Family Guide to Stop Cyber ​​Bullying

Cyberbullying is a growing problem among children and adolescents. Cyber ​​bullying is bullying that takes place using cell phones, computers, and tablets, as well as communication tools including social networking sites, text messages, chat rooms, and websites. Here are our top tips for families to stop cyber bullying. 1. Tell […]

Hair regrowth for men naturally

It usually happens that a father begins to lose his hair at the age of twenty-five, and now his brothers begin to experience the same thing around that time. If that sounds familiar, don’t panic. Modern medicine and ancient wisdom can come together in effective hair growth treatments that will […]

iPhone App Development Basics

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone in the US, people all over the world have gotten their hands on it, so today there are many people using iPhones. It’s an amazing piece of technology that can be bought at an average price and incorporates touch technology with a large screen […]