The Chevy Advantage: Real Make-believe?

Chevy’s most recent campaign is an all-out assault on the competition. But they chose a strange way to attack the competition. Normally when you shoot the competition, you choose an area where you directly defeat them and go after them. If you have more horsepower than your main competitor, you […]

How to generate leads

When you have engagement on social media, your blogs, webinars, and in-person events, it’s great, but it won’t generate leads. A potential customer is someone who has provided you with some type of contact information that allows you to nurture them and turn them into a potential customer and then […]

How to have hypnotic body language

When I worked at a National Newspaper after leaving the University for the gold-paved streets of London, the receptionist for the entire newspaper was also a role model; At that stage in my life, I had never met anyone so attractive in real life. Every day I would come in […]

Orlando, the beautiful city

Orlando is a city in central Florida. The city of Orlando is the county seat of Orange County, Florida. Orlando is the sixth largest city in Florida. Orlando is also nicknamed “O-Town”, “The Beautiful City” and “The Imaginary City”. The source of Lake Eola is the symbol of Orlando. The […]