The Three Stages of Filmmaking

There are three stages of the production process: 1. Pre-production (the planning stage) where you could expect to spend about 1/3 of your total time. 2. Production (the shooting stage) that you could expect to spend about 1/6 of your total time on. 3. Post-production (the editing stage) where you […]

Creating a handicap accessible kitchen that works!

How do you create a handicap accessible kitchen that works for you? Focus on three things. First, focus on accessibility to storage spaces, pantries, and cabinets. Second, prioritize wheelchair mobility. Space in front of and next to appliances is essential. And thirdly, organize your workspace by coordinating utensils, take out […]

Jewelry sizes for babies and children

Many people, when shopping for a baby or children’s jewelry item, have very little idea of ​​the size of their little one’s wrist, ankle, or neck. Because children vary greatly in size, particularly wrist and ankle size, use this guide that provides average sizes with some give and take, when […]

How to recover from cheating on your diet

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you must be willing to stay on a diet program long enough to see results. For real fat loss, this could take 10-12 weeks or even longer. This is an arduous process for both beginners and expert dieters; There are no […]

Finding the right government job is now easy

Are you applying for state government jobs? Or, are you an applicant for central government jobs? You can choose to appear for one or both, depending on your qualification and skills. Every year, government hiring drives call for candidates to run for hundreds of different positions. Getting government jobs has […]

Should SeaWorld be closed?

The politically correct crowd has pointed to the extinction of another business. SeaWorld has been criticized for the way it treats its whales and dolphins. It has been claimed that animals are treated unfairly and keeping them in captivity is cruel and unusual punishment. On the contrary, no evidence of […]