Best Canadian Toys for Kids

America’s adorable northern neighbors, Canada, make quality toys for children of all ages. Canada has more than just hockey and snow, you know. One of the most popular Canadian toys is the Q-BA-MAZE, a big name too. These are marble maze toys that allow you to build an infinite number […]

BH Fitness Prisma M60 treadmill review

After researching your item, receiving the exercise kit can sometimes be a bit anticlimactic, given that when you open the packaging you are faced with a daunting assembly process. That’s the beauty of the BH Fitness Prisma M60 treadmill. 1. Open the packaging. 2. Decide where you want to place […]

The Best Country Music Podcasts

Country Music Podcasts For a more in-depth look at country music history, check out “Cocaine & Rhinestones.” Host Tyler Mahan Coe is the son of outlaw country singer David Allan Coe, and he takes on the role of historian on this weekly podcast. Listen to this episode to learn more […]

The myths of the lonely

One of the most popular card games that most players enjoy is solitaire. It is also known as “patience”. The object of the game is to sort the cards of a specific design into a desired arrangement. It is a single player game, but it can also be played competitively, […]

Choosing a male or female yorkshire terrier

As a potential Yorkshire Terrier buyer, one of the first decisions you need to make is determining whether a male or female dog is the best option for you. There are certain characteristics that most male and female Yorkies will have, and knowing these characteristics will help you make the […]