Care Bears History and Facts

The adorable care bears were first created by the American Greetings company in the year 1981. They were created to be used in greeting cards and became very popular with the public. The artist Elena Kucharik was the first to create the images of our beloved care bears and in […]

How much water for the baby?

While drinking more water is a good idea for everyone, especially during the hot summer months, too much water can spill. Harmful to infants 6 months of age and younger. according to a study in Clinicians Reviews a 1997 survey of new mothers found that almost 25 percent give their […]

Rigors of the Faculty of Law

Law School can be seen as one of the most difficult academic rigors someone could go through. It is vital for every law student to find someone who can guide them through these difficult times. It doesn’t matter if the student chooses a professor or maybe a former Law School […]