5 SEO ranking factors

Your search engine ranking is affected by hundreds of different things, but relevance is the most important.

Being more relevant to a search means that your page will rank higher, it seems obvious that it doesn’t help. Instead, you should focus on the top 5 search ranking factors.

1. Article title / keywords

2. Word count

3. Internal links

4. Duration of reading

5. Bounce rate

There are two categories of SEO ranking factors: user behavior and article content.

The second is easy to focus on, and people often ignore the first and dismiss it as out of control.

Writing engaging content will make readers stay longer, increasing your search rank. But that takes practice and data on your readers. Instead, focus on the content of the article. By using the top 5 ranking factors, you can start to make Google’s algorithm work for you.

1 Using keywords and titles to rank higher on Google

Think of keywords as what you would type in Google, although remember that they will not be a word, but phrases.

Once you’ve found your topic, do your research on how people Google it. Use these sentences in your title, making sure it is grammatical and interesting. You will see this strategy in the titles of the publications on the web.

2. How old should your blog posts be?

The longer the better. A 2000 word article will rank higher than a 500 word article. But that doesn’t mean you should inflate your post with fluff.

A basic structure that will help add length to your post without being fluffy is:

1. Keep the promise of the article from the beginning.

2. Explain what led you to the answer.

3. Expand the answer; Give details

4. Justify your answer

5. Answer any follow-up questions that people may have.

This will not only make your article longer, but it will be better and more informative.

3. Use internal links

Link between different posts on your blog. If you touch on something you have previously written about, link your readers to that page.

Identify your favorite or best posts. Connect to them constantly. This tells Google to pay more attention to these.

4. The length of the reading is important

The above ranking factors were under his control. Not so for this one.

If people stay on your post longer, you tell Google that this is a good answer to your search.

When you publish an article, monitor the traffic and see if the reading duration makes sense for the duration of the publication. Edit it if it doesn’t.

5. Bounce rates

Bounce rate measures how many people left your site without going to a new page. If the length of the read shows how interesting a post is, the bounce rate measures it for your site.

High bounce rates may be due to posts that don’t deliver on their promise or there are no other relevant posts on your site.

Please correct your keywords and title if you have a high bounce rate due to the former. For the second, see what related topics are being searched and write a post. As with the length of the reading, measure the bounce rate and modify.

6. Loading speed

How quickly your site loads is an important search ranking factor. Use this tool to measure your upload speed and identify problems for troubleshooting.

How long does it take?

Getting to the first page of Google doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to be consistent and patient, but follow these steps and within six months and dozens of posts you should be flying high.

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