A fresh look with granite wall tiles

As we shop for tiles, we look at new trends in colors, patterns, textures, and materials. People’s styles and tastes can be different, and that shows in the selection of décor and layout. The first thing any designer will suggest is durability and strength. He can choose the modern look that incorporates the touches of nature along with the use of natural resources to the fullest. He uses natural granite wall tiles for a fresh look in his kitchens and bathrooms. Natural stones have a unique quality that blends perfectly with any decor and gives your home the necessary boost. They are environmentally friendly materials that allow us to set a good example for future generations.

To create a fresh look, you need to select the right colors and patterns for the walls. Choose a rustic finish or a contemporary finish before thinking about colors and patterns. Neutral tones give a fresh look to the entire room. However, the neutral palette is expanding and more colors are being added to it. Taupe, oyster, mushroom, charcoal and gray are close to neutral colors and have become ideal for large kitchens. When granite countertops are installed in kitchens or bathrooms, they reflect light in a unique way and enhance the overall brightness. Use natural light as much as possible for the natural effect. If there is less chance of natural light, use smart lighting devices to create that effect. The use of creams and beiges brings a lot of freshness to the space. If you’re using neutral tones on the walls, add a pop of bright colors on the countertops and cabinets for a dramatic effect. New designers suggest the use of a bright green on the countertop with a white background in the kitchen.

The fresh look is also created by the use of large tiles. The advantage of using large tiles is that they create minimal grout lines and the wall looks smooth and seamless. Because there are fewer grout lines, dust and dirt don’t accumulate. It is easy to clean and maintain for many years. However, when using large ones on walls, consult an expert to find out how large is good enough for the wall. Usually the lighter ones are used on walls and the heavier ones on floors. If you like the idea of ​​going big, add some drama by creating some brightly colored stripes with rectangular tiles. Use bright patterned or designed tiles for this effect. The borders also give a similar effect.

Granite wall tiles have become quite popular and are also used in commercial properties. Different and singular personalities unfold in patios, balconies or porches. The use of unpolished granite on the exterior walls creates a wonderfully rustic look. Consider granite for its quality, strength, and durability. Compare the best designs and create freshness in your homes.

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