A guide for home sellers

Like the home buying process, the home selling process reaps the most rewards when the right initial steps are taken early in the process to benefit the transaction as a whole. Since selling a home is an important life step that requires some attention to detail, keep in mind the general timeline outlined below. We are experts in listing houses, it is our profession and something we deal with on a daily basis. So feel free to use these tips to your advantage as a guide throughout your journey to success.


The most important mindset to keep in mind when listing a home is the notion of being realistic about the current market and the condition of your home. At no stage is adopting a realistic mindset more profitable than when pricing your home. Most of the time, asking too much for your home will ultimately give you less than the desired profit from the sale. The first step in doing your homework is to find out how long properties in your neighborhood are taking to sell and determine why. If properties take a long time to sell, is it just the current market or is the property overvalued? See why properties like yours have recently sold in your neighborhood. Find out who your buyers’ market is and reach out to them. All of these steps are included in a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), something I do for each of my clients. Then we sit down and I share with them what I find, together we determine a listing price for your home that will achieve the best possible results. Pricing your home from the start will allow you to get the most out of your investment. Throughout the process, remember to keep your buyer in mind. Ask yourself, who is the person who is buying a house like mine right now? Keep an open mind, expect negotiations and analyze the process of selling your house with the ultimate goal of making it a fair and equitable transaction for both parties involved.

Make your home available

Now his house is for sale. We will list it on multiple listing services and make it available to buyer’s agents. The more interest you have in your home in the beginning, the greater the chances of selling your home quickly. Make your home as available as possible for best results. A buyer will not be able to imagine living in a house if they cannot look around. Be prepared to have your house open at certain times during the day. Expect strangers to be in your home, but keep in mind that they will always be accompanied by your licensed professional agent. People who take the time to walk through your home should be somewhat interested, so make sure it’s easy for them to see the structure of your property and not just your belongings on it. People, by nature, can be very easily distracted. Keep your focus on the features of your home by depersonalizing your home. Save the memories and tidy up the surfaces. Beds must always be made and rooms must be kept clean and tidy. Dust shelves and clean floors. Kitchens and bathrooms must be spotlessly clean. These steps will always have a big impact on the homebuyer’s impressions.


There are four key factors that sell real estate: price, location, condition, and exposure. Smart shoppers are constantly on the lookout for new listings. Getting all four points right from the start will make all the difference in the sale of your home. You can expect one of three things to happen once your home is on the open market. You may not see any offers from buyers, multiple offers, or a single offer. Take every situation seriously and act accordingly. You can always reevaluate your next move given the quality of the offers you receive.

Obviously, each real estate transaction comes with its own unique qualities and points to consider. These steps are intended as a general preview of what to expect and consider. Contact me for specific advice addressing your unique property so I can help you succeed with your transaction!

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