Alkaline Diet Recipes: Alkalize Your Body With Your Juice, Soup, Snack, and Dinner

One thing we must admit is that most people love to eat foods that are rich in spices. And sometimes these foods can be obtained from foods that are mostly acidic. Well, alkaline diet recipes will be the solution to avoid acidic foods.

There may be many ways to prepare recipes that suit our tastes. This can also be done with fruits and vegetables which are alkaline foods.

You can easily prepare alkaline foods at any time. And here are the suggestions for alkaline juice, soup, snack and dinner.

or Alkaline Juice

This recipe is great for breakfast because it will boost your energy level. Wake up your digestive system while providing nutrition to your body.

You can mix cucumber, celery, spinach, lettuce leaves and any other green leafy vegetables. You can also use fresh parsley and alfalfa as optional toppings. Squeeze them together and mix them 50/50 with distilled water. You can add optional lemon juice. You can also add main pH to further improve the alkalinity of the juice.

or Alkaline Soup

This soup is highly recommended during a detox. This recipe contains avocado, which is high in essential fatty acids. It also contains cucumber which is well known for its cleansing properties. You can use herbs and spices, lemon and lime.

You will blend the avocado and store it to form a light paste. After that, you will add scallions, green or red bell pepper, cucumber, spinach, and garlic. Add Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, light vegetable broth (no yeast), and lemon or lime juice.

o Alkaline Dinner

For dinner, the Detox Lime-Chili Stir ‘Fry’ is one of the alkaline diet friendly recipes. Ingredients are Pak-Choi, carrots, peas, bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage (red or green), fresh lime juice, chili pepper, coriander and vegetable broth, and basmati brown/wild rice.

The first thing you should do is pulp the cilantro with the mortar and pestle. And then add chili and lemon juice to make a sauce. Put it aside. And then, you will chop all the vegetables finely. After this you are going to steam them but do not cook them completely so as not to lose the nutrients.

Now, you will cover the cooked things on top of the rice and then you will put the sauce.

It’s so simple yet delicious. You can also steam the vegetables in a vegetable broth if you don’t have a steamer. If you like seafood, you can also add prawns.

The amount of each ingredient depends on your choice.

o Alkaline snack

The alkaline recipe that is sure to appeal to your palate is asparagus seasoned with lemon juice.

The ingredients are asparagus spears (bend towards the end and let them snap naturally), spring onions, melted butter (avocado), grated lemon rind from half a lemon, fresh lemon juice from a whole lemon, and fresh thyme.

Steam the spring onion and asparagus, but avoid overcooking them. Then mix the avocado butter, lemon juice, thyme, and lemon zest to make the dressing. Add a bit of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to slightly neutralize the lemon juice. Now, stack the spring onion and asparagus and then dress.

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