Dora the Explorer is a leadership coach

Dora the Explorer is my hero !!!!! Although I am a huge fan now, I must admit that I have not always been so positive about Dora. That’s right folks, I’m an ex-hater of the precocious young lady who brings joy to the hearts of millions of boys and girls […]

Facebook Tips for Beginners

If you are new to Facebook, it can seem a bit overwhelming and overwhelming. The truth is that, as with everything, if you give it a little time and allow yourself to simply try things out, you will get the system faster than you had initially thought. To make it […]

Alternative to meeting minutes

I hate taking meeting minutes. Minutes are the instant written record of a meeting. They typically describe what happens in a meeting, include a list of attendees, key topics discussed, points raised on those topics, and resolutions (if any) on those topics. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? So why do […]

The recipe for the 5 green juices

If you are looking for the recipe for the five green juices, I can assume that you are also interested in weight loss. In fact, 5 Green Juice is also one of the most popular vegetable juice recipes with great results for weight loss and detoxification. This recipe originated from […]

Relationship between brother and sister

Sibling rivalry is the result of a competitive relationship or animosity between siblings, consanguineous or not. Competition between siblings is believed to arise because one of the siblings receives more attention from the parents. A brother-sister relationship is one of the most beautiful in the world. One finds best friend, […]