Teen relationships

Before I start talking about teen relationships, I feel like I need to make a clarification. Many people when they think of the word relationship, they automatically equate it with love or sexual relationship. By the general definition of relationship, this is any connection between two or more elements and […]

Multiple games and multiple combinations

Mario has become a global icon for people like Mickey Mouse. However, this is no fluke because to this day Mario is always one of the top contenders for a Game of the Year award on any dedicated video game website. Over the years, unlike its competitors (Sonic, Toe Jam […]

Is it worth investing in Law School?

Does Michigan’s economy really need six law schools that inject more than a thousand recent graduates into the service sector each year? Unlike many job applicants, most new attorneys are heavily in debt; some carry more than $ 100,000 in student loans. This can quickly lead to despair. The economy […]