What is Piano Transcript Format?

Piano Transcript Format The piano is an instrument that uses many music staves to present notes in a way that can be played easily and with accurate rhythm. It also requires the ability to read multiple parts at once – often both treble and bass, which are interconnected in chords […]

No Way Out Trailer Bed

No Way Out Trailer Bed A pop-out camping bed saves space and frustration. It is easy to set up and tear down. One adult can set up the bed while the child occupies another space. The pop-out bed is easy to clean and can be put back in the same […]

the husband is mine

Mize looked stunningly beautiful after her and Chelule’s colorful traditional wedding. Sitting with her mother-in-law and two of her husband’s aunts, Mama Ngoma and Kanze, she watched the traditional bean soup boil in the pot. it was the beginning of leaving as it is known in Konde customs. He was […]

The most popular pay-per-use mobile phone

Thinking of purchasing a pay-per-use mobile phone? Not sure which one to choose? Here is a quick review of each of the top selling Pay As You Go mobile phones. These are the most popular phones that people tend to choose when shopping for a new prepaid phone. Samsung J700 […]