Buffalo Technology DriveStation Axis 1TB Review

Buffalo Technology’s DriveStation Axis 1TB is a family of desktop external hard drives that offer high performance and easy-to-use storage. Easily connects to your computer for additional storage or backup of data files, video, music and photos. Buffalo has a feature-rich suite of software tools designed to boost PC performance. […]

How to live independently in retirement

HOW TO BE INDEPENDENT FROM OTHERS. *SOME FACTS ABOUT WEALTH* (1.) *Your salary will never make you rich. Your boss is not that dumb. please always think about going out, wherever you are, that whatever work you are doing for someone, it can end at any moment, so that you […]

Solomon Islands 33 years later

The Solomon Islands recently celebrated 33 years of independence. When I was a kid growing up in the village, I used to see my fellow villagers excited about this particular day. In our language, independence (Tetu kakaike) literally translates as being alone, rather, not in terms of isolation but of […]

Who knows the power of dance, dwells in God

The Sacred Dance has nothing to do with a specific dance style or with particular body techniques. The dancer moves in such a way that the units of him or his Mind, Body and Spirit have a Higher Spiritual Energy. It doesn’t matter if we call this energy “God”, “The […]

Is it illegal to download free music?

The Confusion Surrounding Music Copyright Law Because there are so many different ways to get free music from the Internet, there has been a lot of confusion and conflicting views about what is legal and what is not. “Okay, so it’s illegal to burn one copy of a CD and […]