Dora the Explorer is a leadership coach

Dora the Explorer is my hero !!!!! Although I am a huge fan now, I must admit that I have not always been so positive about Dora. That’s right folks, I’m an ex-hater of the precocious young lady who brings joy to the hearts of millions of boys and girls […]

1950s Hairstyles

Hairstyles of the 1950s emphasized traditional gender roles. While women’s hair was long, curly, and high-maintenance, men wore their hair in short cuts, military style, or pulled down and away from the face. Men’s hair that touched the ears went against the grain and was even illegal in some parts […]

Men’s and women’s perspectives on relationships

Sexuality is about a sexual relationship, which includes social, emotional and sexual aspects. Long-term committed relationships are vital to supporting families through the decades needed to raise children. A woman wants affectionate company, but a man concentrates on his sexual needs. We have two sexes, which complement each other because […]

Tobias Wolff’s rich brother

The Rich Brothers is a tale of two brothers, their sibling rivalry and their contrast in everything, including worldly success and failure. While Pete is rich and Donald is poor at the end of the story, we wonder who of the two is really rich in the real sense of […]

Health benefits of avoiding processed foods

There are now more options than ever when it comes to healthier foods, and you don’t need to select processed foods when shopping. Buying healthier food is a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle, and organic food is becoming easier to find and cheaper to buy. You can […]

Who Invented the Clipboard?

Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian inventor who has a degree in electronics, science and mathematics, invented the clip in 1899. He received a patent for this from Germany and years later, he received a US patent in 1901, an abstract patent that can be folded into a rectangular, triangular or other […]

The 5 best iPhone apps for choosing a restaurant

Long ago, before iPhones existed, if you and your friends wanted to go out to eat, there was a whole ritual involved. They called each other on their “dumb” phones, had a full conversation about who’s hungry for what, and then called each other with restaurant suggestions. Then everyone would […]

Ten songs that have the one-word title of Hollywood

Obviously, aspiring actors would be drawn to Hollywood, where their best chances of appearing in movies or on television lie. For some reason, that city has also been the focus of many composers. Pop rocker Ryan Adams scored with a song called “Good Night, Hollywood Boulevard” from his Gold album […]