Reframe and conquer office politics

Kyle began our phone call by sharing his frustration. “I hate politics at my company,” he said. “The only projects that are carried out are those sponsored by the ‘pets’ of the president of the company. The value of the project does not matter; it’s about who you know. I […]

Set and achieve meaningful goals

Serving both as an overview of goal setting, this article takes you through a process from reviewing your vision statements to formalizing and locking down goals that are meaningful and actionable. The difference between a vision, a goal and a plan Visions, goals, and plans are important tools that are […]

30 second speech for authors

Authors and writers can also reap the benefits of networking and develop an effective new network of professionals for their business, social and networking activities. As authors and writers of literary works, these professionals may be active in associations of speakers and writers for their particular industry or trade. It’s […]

How Vcs Work – Part 1

In the last few posts, we have looked at various startup situations from the perspective of an entrepreneur. In this and future posts, we will look at how the people on the other side of the table, ie venture capitalists, work. Gaining perspective on how the other party thinks and […]

Success formula for a dynamic life

Over the years I have read countless books (sometimes 2-3 a month) on Personal Development, Motivation, Self Improvement, Entrepreneurship, Autobiographies of Successful Entrepreneurs, Tapes, etc. and they all say or sell the same or similar advice. I was always inspired and hungry for more knowledge and soaked up the information […]