The S&P 500

S&P is short for Standard & Poor. This represents an index of 500 stocks chosen for many of their characteristics, the most important of which are market size, liquidity, and industry grouping. The main reason the S&P was created is that it serves as a proxy for US equities, but […]

5 main reasons why marriages break up

Love: Yes, I mean love. I know you are wondering how love can cause a breakup. Love is believed to be the foundation of marriage. It is love that produces marriage. You only get married once you realize that you love someone else like yourself. You cannot marry someone you […]

S-Corp versus C-Corp business entities

Most entrepreneurs prefer the protection of a corporation rather than a sole proprietorship or partnership. Corporations are a good option because your personal assets are protected against any liability incurred by your business. The two types of corporations that you can choose as a business entity are C-Corp or S-Corp. […]

Blue crayfish tankmates

If you have a blue crayfish, you may have learned the hard way that not just any old fish will work in a fish tank with a crayfish. Finding blue crayfish tankmates isn’t that difficult to do, but you should know what kind of “friends” your blue friend will like. […]

Professional designer VS hobbyist designer

Within any specific industry, a professional is considered and a hobbyist only gets a chance to prove themselves; however, the trend is a risk for a new organization and an existing one is. It’s like going to a new place for a haircut knowing that you may be unsatisfied, but […]

How to buy Penny shares

One of the fastest money stock trading options is pennies. These stocks are low-priced stocks that are below $ 5. To initiate an offer to buy penny stocks, an interested trader will benefit from a paid list of stocks. These lists contain information on some of the most popular penny […]