Who Invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Have you ever wondered who invented the chocolate chip cookie? Because chocolate chip cookies are so common, it’s easy to forget that these treats haven’t been around forever. In fact, did you know that chocolate chip cookies are not even a hundred years old? It’s true! The answer to “who […]

Chester Franchise Opportunity Review

If you are interested in a food industry business, this Chester franchise review will be very helpful in getting detailed information on this alternative. The Chester brand is well known in the market. He has over fifty years of experience in this business. Background: Chester’s was previously founded in 1952 […]

The importance of employment tests

It is a known fact that the success of an employer and a company as a whole depends largely on the quality and reliability of its employees. This is why employers must invest time and even money in the hiring and interview process. Doing so would ensure that only the […]

Newspapers: the vital part of journalism

Newspapers, at first, started out as a magazine. Today, newspapers have become an essential part of human life. The profession that involved the creation of newspapers is today called journalism. A newspaper is a print medium that publishes information on hot and sensational topics and breaking news from around the […]

Names and origins of African safari wildlife groups

Collective names: Antelope – herd, cluster, tribe Apes – cunning, troop Badgers – cete, colony Cats (wild) – destruction, dowt, doubt Cheetah – coalition Elephant – parade, herd Giraffe – tower, body, travel, group Hedgehogs – womb, pimple Hippopotamus – raft, pod, bloat, thunder, school Hyaena – clan Impala – […]

Real Estate Investment – Foreclosures

Real estate investment in foreclosures has increased at a meteoric rate around the world and especially in the United States. The growth of this phenomenon in this part of the world is due in large part to the investor’s search for good deals in the real estate market. With today’s […]

Keep track of your total net worth

Business owners and professional practices know that they cannot effectively manage their business without understanding their financial situation. In the same way, when it comes to making a comprehensive estate plan, they also need a framework for evaluating their overall financial health. A “life balance”[1] provides a comprehensive view of […]