Your LinkedIn Roundup: Are You A Grabber?

In our world of social media, LinkedIn is an incredible social media channel for businesses. Your LinkedIn summary is one of the most critical elements of your LinkedIn profile. Your summary will go a long way toward “selling” you. One of the most important reasons you have a LinkedIn profile […]

Strategies for Writing a Kindle Ebook Quickly

How do I write a Kindle e-book quickly? This is probably a question that most aspiring writers ask themselves. It’s normal that we always want to get things done quickly, especially with the time constraints imposed by today’s lifestyle choices. Most of the people today are busy in all aspects […]

Ethics of journalism in the face of contemporary media

Every journalist who formally trained in media studies is familiar with the ethics of journalism. As part of the academic curriculum, it turns out to be one of the important subjects. In fact, something becomes imperative in the academic curriculum, just because of the importance with which it is combined. […]

5 key milestones for business podcasting success

Entrepreneurs are often looking for effective new ways to promote their brands, and podcasting can be one of them. Increasingly popular in the last decade, podcasts have become attractive to a large number of companies doing business online. If you are willing to Upgrade to a new level of communication […]

Choice of colors for your participation page

A VERY overlooked aspect when designing a subscription page (or even a sales page) is how color will affect your subscription rates. You must choose the colors for your background, graphics, arrows, bullets, button, and subscribe box to achieve the result you want. Keep in mind that colors have different […]

Measuring your personal growth

Introduction It was one of the Sundays and as usual, many thoughts were running through my head and suddenly my thought process got stuck at one point and it made me think and rethink how you can or how you should measure your personal growth. ? 1) Your success on […]