Halo Reach Tips: Best Controller Settings

Here’s a simple tip… Choose a sensitivity between 3 and 6 and STICK WITH IT. The way your brain works is like that. It adapts and memorizes your sensitivity. Most professional players play 3-5 ways and the bumper bridge is the most common design used by professionals. If you always […]

F1 2009 PSP Review

F1 2009 PSP Every now and then a game comes along that you can’t wait to play. For me that game is F1 2009 for PSP. It is the first official Formula 1 game since 2007, when Studio Liverpool released its interpretation of the sport. November 19 was the day […]

The Redwood Forest and Giant’s Avenue

The Redwood Forest – Avenue of the Giant is a great vacation destination. This world-famous world-class scenic drive is just a 31-mile portion of the old Highway 101, which parallels Highway 101 with 51,222 acres of thick redwood forests. The redwood forest is by far the most outstanding display of […]

Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA All-Stars Racing

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was developed by Sumo Digital and GameLoft (mobile version). The official publisher of the game is Sega. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was created on various platforms including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PC and mobile devices. In North America, the game was […]

Kinect: a new way to play video games

I remember when I grew up, I was surrounded by new technologies like Atari or Color Computer. Games like Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, and Pitfall were all the rage. The consoles got faster, the graphics got more realistic, and the games were out of this world, but we were still tethered […]