Where Is Online Gambling Illegal?

Where Is Online Gambling There are some states that ban gambling, but the question “Where is online gambling illegal?” should not be a matter of concern. In most cases, gambling on the Internet is completely legal under U.S. federal law. States may regulate gambling as they see fit, though Washington […]

5 Must-See Attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica has many things to see and do, but any worthy list would include these five things. Each of these attractions is fairly easy to find, but be aware that tourist taxis will expect you to bargain. You may want to avoid the hassle and take a bus instead. The […]

Apple and Steve Jobs – The power of framing

This post is the end of an idea I’ve had for quite some time regarding one of my favorite communication principles: framing. I was about to write this purely from an academic perspective when a couple of fortuitous elements crossed my mind. Apple first released the Macintosh 26 years ago […]

A chilling glimpse of extraterrestrial life

I don’t know how many people believe in alien creatures. Evidence of aliens and their contact with the human race and life on planet earth goes back as far as recorded history. There is evidence in every culture in the world, including those that were lost millennia ago. No one […]

Burn a copyrighted DVD in minutes

Not everyone wants to burn a copyrighted DVD just to resell it for profit. There are honest people like us who want to burn a protected DVD for backup. If you’re like me, you may have spent thousands of dollars on your favorite movies, TV shows, concerts, and sports DVDs. […]