The best food for EXTRA energy

Recharge your energy levels this year with these essential five-star superfoods. It’s that time of year, well into January, when you return to the Swing business, family and exciting projects for your next year. Is when you you want to feel focused and energetic. Choosing to eat foods that give […]

5 ways to reach your optimal fitness level

Whether it’s strength, coordination, confidence, or an intense cardio workout, there is nothing better than kickboxing. Over the years, this form of physical exercise has gained immense popularity and kickboxing classes these days focus on various things, from cardiovascular conditioning, self defense to martial arts. But before raising your fist […]

Planning Help: Meal Two

A challenge for me in meal planning has been to “ ease ” my family’s health and mine. My husband and I were raised on “meat and potatoes,” so it has been a difficult change. But we are progressing gradually. One way to lighten up is by substituting ground turkey […]


As I prepared to set my own goals for this year, I looked around to see what some other people were doing. It was interesting to see the many variations of the SMART goals. A SMART goal is a fantastic tool that helps you set goals that are immune to […]