A great sink that can handle almost anything

You can’t go wrong with a ceramic sink because they can withstand just about anything. The various items that arrive at the typical sink to be washed can vary quite a bit from one home to another. Some items can damage the sink, leaving unsightly scratches and stains. A ceramic […]

What is a green roof and what are the benefits of having one?

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, provide a practical, attractive and environmentally friendly roofing solution. No longer just the preserve of architecturally designed “eco pads,” this technology can be applied almost anywhere there are buildings. How about putting one in your shed as a small-scale DIY project? Green roofs […]

Bamboo bathroom furniture: the new alternative to wood

Environmentally friendly Trees that are harvested to create real wood products often take decades to reach the level of maturity necessary for them to be harvested. Because of this, wood is slowly becoming a depleted resource. This grass, on the other hand, is abundant now and can reach full maturity […]

Using mirrors in home decoration

Mirrors bring a special touch to home decor by adding light and creating the illusion of space. A mirror is defined as a reflective surface that forms an image of an object when light rays coming from that object fall on the surface. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the typical […]

It’s urgent to purge… It’s spring!

Does warm weather give you a new energy to “let go”, declutter, clean, rearrange and reconfigure your spaces inside and out? It certainly does for me, and I see it in my clients too. We all seem to enjoy the change of seasons with longer, brighter days seen with our […]

Ask an expert: interior design

Over many years as an interior designer, what would be the top 3 changes in consumer preferences during that time? One thing that immediately comes to mind is the switch from stain cabinets to paint cabinets. White kitchens are back! Customers are leaning more towards lighter and brighter shades than […]

5 Tips to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

It is often believed that kitchen remodeling is the number one choice for most people looking to improve their home. For that purpose, I am going to discuss how to update the look of your kitchen with new hardware, cabinets, lighting, paint, and rugs. new hardware Replacing hardware is one […]