How to be owned by an Irish Wolfhound

“However, noble descendant of the fierce fighting father, you are playing tonight with my son by the fire.” (Excerpt from Hound of the Heroes by William Dammarell) One is not so much “owned” by an Irish Wolfhound, as being “owned by” an Irish Wolfhound. I am currently “owned” by two, […]

New Uses for Grandma’s Tea Cart

Some attics may still remain untouched for decades, housing treasures from the past. One of the most useful items of centuries past is the tea cart. These carts were once used for formal teas, with the delicacies of delicate sandwiches and pretty desserts alongside the cup of afternoon tea, served […]

Is An RV Right For You?

The truth of the matter is that an RV just isn’t right for everyone. Maybe you wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost or possibly some member or members of your family can’t imagine themselves in an RV. The thought of caring for an RV could hold you back. […]