The poodle is like the poodle

I read the phrase in the title somewhere, and while it’s a blatant one-line scam from Forest Gump, I thought it was a pretty appropriate way to describe the world’s oldest water retriever, circus performer, and truffle hunter. Poodles are lively and active dogs, they are very loyal and absolutely […]

Make a statement with cat rings jewelry

Wrap your feline friend around your finger Everyone is going crazy for cat ring jewelry. One look at these adorable silver rings will make you want to shop the entire collection for yourself. Wear them with any type of outfit, be it a classy evening gown or a sundress, with […]

Kennel Cuties – German Shepherd Information

Pet shoppers have many options today. Those in the market for a purebred German Shepherd should research the details before purchasing. This article will cover the history of the German Shepherd, characteristics, where to buy, and how to avoid illicit breeders and sellers. In addition, buyers should know how to […]

Rename your Greyhound Rescue

We have 2 rescued animated greyhounds named Angel and Ares. We adopted Angel from Greyhound Friends of North Carolina. We are in the middle of finalizing the adoption of Ares from Northeast Ohio Greyhound Rescue. When we got the two greyhounds from the greyhound rescue, they were still using their […]