A guide for home sellers

Like the home buying process, the home selling process reaps the most rewards when the right initial steps are taken early in the process to benefit the transaction as a whole. Since selling a home is an important life step that requires some attention to detail, keep in mind the […]

Real Estate Investment Perspectives and Outlook 2010

What’s next for real estate? For most people, real estate remains a critical part of personal net worth. Despite the stock market rally, the average US family’s net worth is down 25% due to declines in real estate values ​​and investment assets. Market Trends Overview – Focus on Boston While […]

What is the real cost of buying a house?

Given that owning a home, of your own, is often considered an essential component of the American Dream, and for most people, the financial value of their home represents their single largest financial/economic asset, it doesn’t make much more sense , if serious potential homeowners, proceeded, with their eyes wide […]

Top 5 Tips on How to Market Your Brand on TikTok

Since its launch, the popularity of the TikTok program has shown substantial growth. As of October 2018, it had been the most downloaded photography and video software in the Apple store, internationally. The statistics of the program will probably blow your mind. It has allegedly amassed over 800 million active […]

Sylvie Potignon: the best African businesswoman

SOFIAA INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BROKER DWC LLC, owned by Sylvie Potignon, is a transnational brokerage company. Advises and offers transactional services in real estate and investment search. The firm assists in real estate structural, logistical, and managerial designs through the coordination of cross-functional teams. The main function of the organization is […]

The advantages of renting an apartment vs. own a house

Compared to owning a home, living in a rental apartment is incredibly easy. Why do the work yourself when you can enjoy the following benefits? Dedicated property and maintenance staff to call if something goes wrong No snow shoveling, lawn maintenance, or pool/sauna care A single monthly rent check usually […]

Beat the instant buyer

Being so close to Halloween, I thought I would write the scariest article for real estate investors and real estate agents that I could think of. iBuyers are the zombies that devour your opportunities. They are killing growth and killing dreams!! Let’s start with what an iBuyer is and what […]