The Italian Stallion Explained

If you’re coming to Rome on vacation or thinking of making it your new home, some inside information on the infamous ‘Italian Stallion’ might be what you need. Italians are so dramatic that it is in their blood and men more than women. Italian men have a reputation that precedes […]

The history of fashion jewelry

Jewelry has left a significant mark on society dating back to ancient times. In ancient civilizations, gold was considered a preferred luxury metal because it did not tarnish and could be molded. The jewelry personified natural forms such as shells, plant life, and animals. Significant advances in style became increasingly […]

Basic Design For Children’s Rooms

Designing your own room is one thing, but designing your child’s room is a whole new task. Children’s tastes can be very unpredictable, and your job is to find a theme that suits their changing moods. The task is often expensive and time consuming. So how to decorate your child’s […]

Unit 7: Vocabulary Answers Level C

There are practice tests given online to practice vocabulary. The test has different levels and each level has fifteen (15) units with twenty (20) questions each. Most of the tests given are multiple choice, except for spelling practice. This test can help a person expand their vocabulary and teach them […]