2015 fantasy football sleepers

One of the keys to winning your fantasy football league is the ability to recruit Sleepers. “Sleepers” are NFL players who are drafted much lower rounds in their fantasy football drafts than their final statistics warrant. In shopping terms, this is like buying a 22-ounce bottle of Not Your Father […]

Saint Francis in Christmas Songs

As everyone imagines snow at Christmas, San Francisco’s winter weather is nothing like Christmas. Despite this, Saint Francis appears in popular Christmas songs. The most famous is “Christmas in San Francisco”. Another is “Christmas by the Bay.” The last one is “It’s Christmas once again in San Francisco”. Since the […]

The dish: foals are for chumps

Am I reading this right? Do sportsbooks have the Indianapolis Colts at 10-1 to win the Super Bowl? And 4-1 to get to the Super Bowl? You mean there’s still someone out there who will bet on Indy? That, my friends, is shocking. There is absolutely no way in the […]

Cheerleaders in Professional Basketball: An Overview

Cheerleaders in professional basketball leagues like the NBA are very similar to those found in professional football leagues. Squads are usually made up of dance teams or cheerleaders and the focus is on supporting the team they are cheering for. Cheerleading squads on professional basketball teams, just like those on […]

What hairdressing equipment do you really need?

If you have a hairdressing salon, you will probably have all the hairdressing furniture and equipment you need. Whether you’re setting up your first salon or renovating your salon, this is what you need. 1. Having the right salon chairs is important and you’ll want to make sure your chairs […]