Website Design Pack

Business needs have changed from a simple website to a large and complex website that would generate a good return on investment. When designing an effective and professional web design, you need to keep your target audience in mind. The website must be customer-oriented and aimed at the target audience. […]

Shopify: A Boon for the Ecommerce Industry

SHOPIFY, a Canadian-based e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, is famous worldwide for the establishment of its proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores, e-commerce sites, and retail POS systems. . With the launch of Shopify on the market in 2004 and the integration of advanced features into this platform to […]

The best Facebook apps

Social networks are great places to make friends and promote your services, whether you are an online or offline business. The strength of social networks rests on two pillars: First, they are completely FREE to join and use. Secondly, its use is based on the most powerful engine of human […]