Event planner social media software feature list

Event planner social media software feature list Admin / Configuration Organizers have the ability to enable or disable all features (listed below), subject to certain dependencies Custom branding Custom CSS and HTML fields allow your event organization to apply your organization / event appearance including logo, color scheme, layout, and […]

How to register a domain that expires

Understanding the process and options involved in registering an expiring domain can be a confusing task. How, where, when? This article will explain the basic steps for researching an expiring domain name and the many different options (or should I say the steps necessary to ensure success). The normal domain […]

Top 10 AI Apps to Inspire You

Let’s look at the 10 hottest AI apps that manage to harness tons of data in today’s changing environment. SIRI SIRI is one of the most famous artificial intelligence applications. It is a personal assistant software for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and AppleTV, which works […]

Benefits of video calling for companies

Video calling for business has come a long way. No longer an expensive system in a large conference room, requiring IT staff at every step. In fact, companies large and small today are adapting video as part of their daily operations. Here are the top benefits of video conferencing for […]

The five best Mario games

This series first started with Donkey Kong in which Mario played the Jump Man character, however it was later changed to Mario in the American version of the game and it turned out to be surprisingly successful, leading Nintendo designers to create a series with him playing as the main […]

Why choose promo codes when shopping online

Shopping has magically evolved in recent years thanks to the development of technology. Today, you don’t have to waste time in supermarkets or textile markets to buy what you need. Online shopping has brought the world into your home and you can buy almost anything you want, from the comfort […]