CECT Mini – A great little alternative to the iPhone

Let’s face it, iPhones are very expensive. Although it is very accessible in the market, it is not affordable for everyone. You need a lot of money for the phone and the service plan, but for practical reasons, there are many great little cell phones alternatives to the expensive iPhone. CECT mini is the newest mobile phone that comes close to the iPhone; this smart gadget is sure to cure your tech blues.

Phones have dominated the gadget market with their full functionalities that combine basic mobile features and internet browser capabilities that are present in most laptops and desktops. The convenience of carrying a device that gives you conventional text and call functions, as well as Internet browsing and 3G functions, makes smartphones popular items in the device market today. Nowadays people cannot live without their mobile phone, it has become an essential tool to carry everywhere. Given that the mobile phones currently offered in the world of gadgets combine advanced computing power and connectivity, it is not surprising that there is an increasing growth in demand for them and that gadget enthusiasts are looking for new and revolutionary mobile phones and models. Phones like these are an effective cross between smartphones and laptops, designed to work with online applications without compromising the usual, traditional mobile features like texting and calling.

If you find that a stylish interface is the most important feature for you in a mobile phone, then you don’t have to go as far as buying an expensive iPhone model when you can settle for CECT mini with the same features. Its external interface makes it attractive and extremely pleasing to the eye. However, this mobile phone is not just looking for the looks, it has the amazing mobile features to boot. It can be best used for both personal and business use and offers purposeful and functional built-in applications for your daily mobile experience. Other usual mobile functions and features of this mobile phone are as follows: it is Bluetooth enabled, it has a calendar to schedule your daily tasks and reminders, an amazing color display, quick and seamless access to email, built-in web browser ready for everyone, Java enabled, MMS enabled, has MP3 player and supports other audio formats, polyphonic ringtones, radio, SMS text messages, speaker phones, touch screen function, USB interface, video recording and much more.

Cheap and affordable yet highly functional, CECT mini is a smartphone and PDA phone in one. It also has all the functional features that an iPhone has, so you’re guaranteed a cost-effective yet stylish and well-designed phone in your hands. You don’t have to spend a lot of money this way – this phone is sexy enough for your everyday stylish and customizable mobile experience.

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