Chinese girls: masters of disguise

One of the many interesting things about Chinese girls is their ability to drastically change their appearance. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you will find a lot of makeup tutorial videos, most of them hosted by Chinese or Korean girls. From ancient China to modern times, the Chinese have always favored kind, beautiful, petite women with pale skin and large eyes. Although makeup has always been an important part of a Chinese woman’s life, styles have changed a lot with the dynasties.

During the Qing and Han dynasties, a woman’s morals were valued more than her appearance. As a result, the women wore little or no makeup during this period. Later, they began to cover their faces with white powder and darken their eyebrows to enhance their feminine features. The sexiest feature of a woman during the Han dynasty was her lips. The women created circle shapes, heart shapes, and flower shapes on their lips with something similar to lipstick. Later, in the Tang dynasty, society began to value women’s health much more than in previous dynasties. The figure of the small and fragile woman gave way to more natural and plump bodies. During the Tang dynasty, women shaped their eyebrows to be sharp, pointed, and dark. Tang dynasty women also used black dye to paint their lips very dark because they believed it showed “cuteness”.

The modern Chinese girl still values ​​having a white face, but now they seem to be in a race to see who has the longest eyelash or the biggest eye. It’s amazing how many tricks they resort to when looking for that sweet little doll face that many of us know from Japanese cartoons. Modern technology and economic growth has given them a wide range of resources to get the look they want. It is not uncommon to see Chinese girls wearing false eyelashes and contact lenses that make their eyes look bigger. For the final touch, shadows will be applied to the eyelids, further enhancing the shape of your oriental eyes. Alone, none of these tricks would make any difference, but together they have the power to change a Chinese girl’s life completely!

Knowing these tricks is especially important when it comes to picking up girls in Chinese nightclubs. While most men would probably choose women who stand out the most, turning your attention to a girl who looks more natural might be your best bet. Remember that those stunning looking club beauties are actually ladies in disguise. They could look very different if you were to meet them in a normal everyday situation. By choosing a girl of average appearance, you will save yourself from a possible unpleasant surprise.

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