Clutter control: things to get rid of today

Do you feel that even after cleaning your house from top to bottom it still feels dirty? Most likely, it’s not the dirt or grime that is to blame, but the mess. There is a difference between a clean house and a messy house. Clutter can make even the cleanest house look run down and cluttered. Many homeowners fill their closets, cupboards, counters, and other open areas with items that they never use or are broken and no longer work. Taking the time to go through each area of ​​your home and decide what stays and what goes, not only gives you more storage space, but also makes your home look neat and tidy. Here are some items you can get rid of today.


If your closets are so full to the max that you can’t remember the last time you were able to access the back of the closet, it’s time to take an inventory of your wardrobe collection. Spend a rainy afternoon browsing through the contents and seeing what you can keep, throw away or donate. Pieces that you haven’t worn in a couple of years or that are no longer your style can be donated to any number of charities. Items that have a lot of moth-eaten holes or have embedded stains can be thrown away or recycled.


In addition to clothes, shoes take up a lot of closet space. Separate yourself from shoes that are broken beyond repair or that are not within your budget to repair them; donate rarely used shoes and boots that don’t fit or that you know you will never wear.

Cosmetic products

Get valuable extra space in your cosmetic drawer by sorting your beauty supplies. Remove nail polish jars, lipstick tubes, foundation, etc. old and dry. For your safety, remember to check the expiration dates. According to, if there is no expiration date or it has been cleared, here is a general idea of ​​when to dispose of certain products:

  • Mascara – every three months to prevent dangerous eye infections

  • Liquid eyeliner: every three months

  • Eyeliner pencil: every two years

  • Powder eyeshadow: every two years

  • Lipstick and lip gloss: every two years

Before using cosmetics, always smell and examine the product. If something looks or smells bad, don’t risk using it. Remember: if you are getting rid of cosmetics, do it responsibly. Certain nail polishes contain chemicals and therefore must be recycled at a household hazardous waste center. Do not throw them away.


According to, the shelf life of ground spices is typically two years for freshness. If there is no expiration date marked on the container, do the odor test. If the spice has lost most of its aroma, leaving only a very light scent, it is probably past its prime.


With the popularity of e-book readers, traditional hardcover and paperback books are being used less frequently. If you’ve amassed a collection of books, check them out and consider donating them to a library or school.

Sports team logo glasses, mugs and glasses

Open your kitchen cabinets. Do you see? If they’re filled with cups and bowls that you rarely, if ever, use, find them a new home. Ask your friends and family who entertain often if they can put them to good use or donate them to a local soup kitchen.

Appliance manuals

If you no longer own the oven you bought 15 years ago, why stick to your owner’s instruction manual? Recycle them and gain extra space.

Other miscellaneous items that clutter up your living space:

  • Empty jars (jam, condiments, Mason jars, etc.)

  • Candle jars with just a little bit of wax remaining

  • Old phones

  • Telephone chargers, power cords, and miscellaneous cables

  • Paperwork (old receipts, Christmas cards, ticket stubs); keep sentimental cards, recycle or recycle the rest

  • Old toys

  • Plastic food storage containers


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