Cure Your Yeast Infection: Tips to Avoid Yeast Infection

There is no need to worry about a yeast infection, as millions of women, and some men also suffer from this condition around the world. Pregnant women are more prone to yeast infections due to hormonal changes in the body, while babies are also prone to yeast infections.

However, instead of getting a yeast infection, there are many steps you can take to prevent yeast infection and take control of your overall health. One of those steps is to wear loose cotton underwear.

The reason why it is advisable to wear loose-fitting cotton clothing is to let the body breathe, keeping moisture levels to a minimum. Remember that yeast thrives on moisture and heat, so wearing loose clothing improves air circulation and keeps the area relatively cool and dry. This thus reduces the chances of a yeast infection.

Avoiding pantyhose restricts yeast infections

Pantyhose is considered a breeding ground for yeast, as it traps moisture, which helps the yeast multiply quickly. So avoid wearing pantyhose as much as possible; If necessary, wear good quality stockings as they are comfortable and help prevent yeast infections. You might also consider wearing thigh-high stockings instead of pantyhose.

If possible, avoid wearing underwear entirely. This is because it limits the heat in the crotch area and therefore inhibits the growth of fungi and any infections. Wearing a loose fitting gown that does not hold the crotch area is also a good alternative to avoid yeast infections.

Tight pants should be avoided as much as possible, as tight pants only create environments that are great for yeast growth. It is preferable to wear skirts whenever possible to avoid the problems created by tight pants.

Bathing is better than showering

Remember to wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent yeast infections. This is because the intestinal tract is a great place for yeast to live. Therefore, clean it from back to front to avoid a new yeast infection.

Instead of taking a shower, take a bath, as this helps flush out the yeast in the vaginal area. It is best to avoid using soap in this area, as soap is in no way helpful in treating yeast. In fact, many times, soaps make an infection worse by killing beneficial bacteria that are helpful in balancing yeast in the vagina.

Quitting Smoking Helps Control Yeast Infections

After bathing, make sure the genital area is completely dry, as the moisture that remains on the pubic hair encourages fungal growth. This is the same reason why you need to remove your wet bathing suit as soon as possible and make sure to dry.

It is important to maintain a healthy immune system as this restricts yeast infections. This is because yeast infections arise from imbalances in the body. It is possible to boost the immune system with multivitamins, a proper diet with minimal sweets, exercise, and quitting smoking, thus reducing yeast infections.

However, if you suffer from repeated yeast infections, it is best to get tested for any other problems, as recurrent yeast infections indicate other conditions. Consult your healthcare professional about this.

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