Dead to Rights Compensation Review

Presentation: I played the original Dead To Rights when it was released on the original Xbox in 2002. Fast forward to 2012 and I just finished playing Dead To Rights: Retribution through PlayStation 3. Like its predecessor Dead To Rights: Retribution is An energetic action fighter featuring gunplay while taking out hordes of mindless thugs. And I mean mindless thugs, as AI is practically non-existent in this action game. Enemies will do three things. Sit back and let you kill them or they will rush you without thinking, then you kill them and lastly they will occasionally shoot and kill each other. The last one is obviously a glitch, but it happened throughout my game.

of the game. Nothing about the story of Dead To Right: Retribution will impress or keep you engaged.

Images: There is nothing that stands out in terms of textures or special effects in this 2010 game. However, the game has a pleasant environment. Grant City looks great with its rain-soaked neon-lit cityscape with lots of skyscrapers. There are different scenarios throughout the game that break up the dark dark metropolitan environment. Jack looks like Chris Redfield’s clone from Resident Evil 5. Drop the steroids Jack wow! A nice graphic sequence takes place near the end of the game when you don a Heavy GAC Armor suit and wreak havoc at GAC headquarters. You can see the Japanese influence of this game while you are in the suit. It was really nice and fun to use. The best way to describe images in Dead To Rights: Retribution is static and fades with a good atmosphere.

Sound: If I made a nickel every time I laughed after Jack said one of his lines after killing someone, I’d be rich. The writing and especially the voice dialogue is cheesy. His comic edge is so bad and cliche. A voice actor who had a strange southern accent stood out (the lady from the news report). His accent didn’t even fit the game. The music was decent. It’s mostly dramatic action music that goes well with this type of game. Sound design in general is nothing to die for here.

Gameplay: Dead To Rights: Retribution is a firearm fighting game. The shooting comes in the form of coverage-based shots. During combat, you can use Shadow to attack thugs and GAC soldiers. After they are dead, you can have Shadow retrieve your new weapons using the d-pad. Weapons range from shotguns, pistols, SMGS, LMGS, assault rifles, sniper rifles, a strange weapon that shoots electricity. Every gun runs out of ammo quickly unless it’s near a gun depot. The second Jack runs out of ammo and discards the weapon. You can take hostages and use them as a shield to avoid shots. Enemies range from Triad thugs to GAC thugs. There are more advanced bad guys later in the game, like GAC combat fighters who have big robotic fists like fisto. Heavy enemies have a tank on their back that you must destroy, also known as a Killzone. There is a VTOL boss fight scene at the end of the game that was quite enjoyable.

Replayability: The single player campaign will last 8-10 hours. You can unlock radio reports, cut scenes, and other gallery items. Other than that, this game has no true replay value. Achievements and trophies are easy to come by, so maybe that can help you reproduce the game.

Final Verdict: Jack Slate and Shadow ended up receiving retaliation in Dead To Rights Retribution. However, they did not get it with my review.


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