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If you’re looking for a book to make you disappear, these have to be the ones to do it: ‘Firelight and Woodsmoke’ is the first book in the trilogy, a truly delightful read that transforms you back to the farm in Brive around the turn of the twentieth century.

Continuing in a similar vein, how many of us got lost in the delightfully evocative story of Mary, Dickon and Colin and the magic that unfolds in ‘The Secret Garden’? Well, now there’s a sequel, written by Susan Webb. The book tells the story of what happened to Mary, Dickon and Colin when they meet again ten years later at Misselthwaite. The book is called ‘Till All the Seas Run Dry: A Sequel to “The Secret Garden”. If you enjoyed ‘The Secret Garden’, you’ll love the sequel.

Animal and pet care
What do Rowberrow, Saska and Shantung have in common with a chiffon dress and a kettle in the fridge? Doreen Tovey, that’s it! You’ll find a variety of these delightful and hilarious books in our Home & Garden section of Animal & Pet Care. Doreen sadly passed away in January 2008 and I am sure she is greatly missed by many of her readers who avidly followed the stories of her Siamese cat family. Many times I have laughed out loud at her antics, chasing one of her donkeys while she was wearing a chiffon dress and looking forward to reading more about Mrs. Binney and Father Adams.

From ‘Cats in the Belfry’ to ‘More Cats in the Belfry’, ‘Cats in May’ and ‘Donkey Job’, Doreen Tovey sure kept her readers entertained – you’ll find all of these titles in our Animal & Pet Care section . When Doreen Tovey wasn’t busy writing and tending to her feline mischief, she was President of the North Somerset RSPCA and President of the Siamese Cat Club as well as the West of England Cat Club, a busy woman who will be sorely missed.

Moving from England to the United States, César Millán seems to be someone who inspires very powerful feelings in people: either they love him or they hate him! Either way, he is popularly visible and a force to be reckoned with. Let us know what his own views are; In the meantime, we have a good variety of Cesar Millan books, like ‘Puppyhood: Through Puppyhood and Beyond’ by Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier and ‘Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar’s Way to Transform Your Dog…and Your Life ‘. These are excellent books on caring for animals and pets focus on Cesar’s style and despite much criticism leveled at his methods I have used these methods to train my own dogs since they were very young puppies and now, as they approach the 12-month mark. , I have a pack of lovely, well behaved dogs who show me respect and love as the leader of the pack.

Antiques and collectibles
You may have a collection of vinyl record albums that you collected as a young adult and wonder if your collection is worth anything. If so, you may be interested in the ‘2010 Rare Record Price Guide’, compiled from Record Collector Magazine and edited by Ian Shirley. This collection of price guides consists of 1,400 pages containing 100,000 entries for you to check the value of each of your precious records. You never know: he may be sitting on a fortune! However, despite the wide variety of entries, there seem to be some missing that you would have thought should have been included, such as the punk singles. No doubt you’ll also notice wide variations in the guide prices of various albums. Use this book as a guide only, but it should give you an idea of ​​the price of your prized record collection.

There are plenty of other antiques and collectibles out there. ‘Boys Toys: an Illustrated History of Little Things that Pleased Big Minds’ by Jed Novick is another excellent book in this category. It features traditional toys from the 60s, 70s and 80s that once provided so much pleasure and have now become collectibles in their own right. Another book that you will find interesting if watches and clocks are your thing is the book written by Anthony Whiten: ‘Antique Clocks and Clocks Repair’. In the meantime, of interest to celebrity watchers, take a look at ‘Contacting Secrets of Celebrities and Public Figures: 101 Ways to Reach the Rich and Famous’. These books are just the tip of the iceberg – this section within the Home & Garden category is rich with an amazing diversity of topics – just dive in and see what you come up with!

Purchase and development of properties
What better way to start this section than a book on how to clean and manage housework – you might as well learn how before you get caught up in the task of buying and developing a property! Written by Kim Woodburn, ‘The Cleaning Bible: Kim and Aggie’s Complete Guide to Modern Home Management’ gives you all kinds of labor-saving tips on how to clean your house and wonderful ways with baking soda and white vinegar. . There are also a host of other topics in various sections within the Home & Garden category, sections such as Carpentry and Joinery; Craft; DIY and home improvement; Gardening; and Interior Design and Decoration.

However, when buying and developing a property, each of these sections is worth delving into: you never know when you’ll need color scheme ideas, provided by Kevin McCloud in his book ‘Kevin McCloud’s Color Now: An Expert Guide to Choosing the colors for your home’ or learn how to carry out a simple plumbing installation with RD Treloar’s book ‘RD Treloar Plumbing 3rd edition: Heating and gas installations’. There are many books on our website to help you when buying and developing a property, with books to help you with decorating ideas; color ideas and even decorating ideas; in fact, plenty to keep you busy on all your projects from now on.

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