How do you motivate your employees?

This is not an employee motivation survey or call to action title question. This is a serious question for you as a leader, business owner, company CEO, or management executive. Seriously, how do you motivate your employees? Do you give them benefits or rewards every time they reach a goal? Do you increase their salaries or bonuses each time they perform beyond your expectations? Do you casually talk and listen to them about their life and work experiences?

We’ve heard leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and critically acclaimed authors share their “motivational” or “inspirational” message to employees. While those motivational videos, inspirational speeches, quotable quotes, and hilarious pick-up lines are compelling in some ways, the question is, do they really sink into the hearts and minds of employees?

It’s about time you motivated your employees on a larger scale. In the midst of the stressful and fast-paced business world, these are the four innovative ways on how to really motivate your employees.

1. Promote them with Incentive Compensation Programs.

Let’s be honest. Money is a great motivational tool not only for employees but also for all types of workers facing this planet. When you hire employees, it takes money for them to work and do whatever they can to make the company prosper. Whichever angle you want to look at it from, job motivation involves “money” because you earn optimal participation from your people. It is irrefutable that over the years many large companies have implemented incentive compensation programs because they know they can retain their best employees. By enhancing your incentive compensation programs, geared toward achieving great value for both individuals and the company, you can fuel your employees’ passion and love of work. That is the real motivation.

2. Improve your rewards and recognition system.

Whether your company is gearing up for a Christmas party, Annual Family Day, or Employee Appreciation Day, it’s the perfect time of year to call high-performing employees to the stage while inspiring keynote speakers. those who need to improve more in their jobs. Give them rewards that complement their performance. Whether it’s a plaque, token, cash, or a trip to Hawaii, rewards are a huge motivator for employees. Recognizing individual or group contributions at actual award ceremonies can boost your employees’ enthusiasm at work. It doesn’t really matter if the reward is expensive or cheap. What’s more important is that you’re calling their names in front of others and exchanging handshakes and hugs with them. Your sincere thanks for what you have contributed to the company, that is the true motivation.

3.Build a strong culture.

In the midst of globalization, placing great importance on the race, religion, belief, ideology, culture and tradition of your various employees has a direct impact on the success of your company. As an employer, your goal is to unify your employees, wherever they come from or whatever ritual they practice. You need to promote teamwork, collaboration, camaraderie, and open communication among them to build a strong culture. The fair implementation of anti-discrimination laws is a great motivational act on your part as an employer. Although that is already a strict requirement of the law in most countries, your commitment and openness is what will matter most to employees. If you’re serious about motivating employees, make everyone feel like you trust, treat, and respect them as equal employees.

4. Design jobs that match your employee’s career preferences.

How many times have you heard employees say “I’m bored” or “I don’t like my job anymore”? If they feel stressed or tired, it’s normal. But if they feel dissatisfied and disinterested, they lack a sense of direction in their chosen career. As an employer, you need to understand your employees’ perspective in the workplace. Encourage your HR team to make their jobs meaningful, interesting, and challenging. Make your employees say “I love my job”. That’s what work is all about and if you often hear those words, it’s a clear sign that your employees are highly motivated.

In this fast-paced business world, our employee “personas” who desire personal growth and fulfillment also have a life cycle to worry about. Don’t let them come and go. Your duty as a leader is not only to convince your employees to follow you, but also to praise them for their hard work, loyalty, and passion at work. So seriously, how do you motivate your employees?

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