How to Get a Like New Oracle DBA Job

All the latest dreams of landing a good Oracle DBA job at a reputable company after completing an Oracle Database Administrator certification course. Most companies hire newcomers to serve their clients around the world. You may not get a real DBA job right away like a newer version, but you can gradually get the main DBA related job. Once you gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence, you can take on big tasks.

The world of information technology is expanding every day. To stay ahead in the race, it is very important to learn new things, skills, ideas and technology constantly without fail. Here are some ways that can help you get a good job easily:

Expand your technical skills – When searching and applying for new Oracle DBA jobs, it is very important to do your own research and learn something new every day. A candidate must be prepared to expand his technical skills. For example, if you have learned the Oracle 11g version, you should also know other versions, including Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, and Oracle 12c. This becomes important as when you enter a job, there is no assurance that you will only be able to work on the version that you have learned. All companies can have one or more versions of Oracle and you should be well prepared to work on as many versions as possible.

Prepare well for the interview – There are several ways to prepare for an interview. You can find some good books on Oracle DBA interview questions at a nearby bookstore. These books not only contain interview questions, but can also help you learn more about Oracle. Most interviewers ask scenario-based questions, so you should practice for such questions. There are many blogs, forums and websites where you can find many question-based scenarios and their solutions. You can also search YouTube videos that can help you collect a lot of information. Practicing the Oracle DBA interview questions before attending the job interview can be very helpful.

Abstract – It is important that you send a concise and well-written resume without spelling or grammatical errors. You should properly highlight all of your Oracle related qualifications and training on the resume.

Companies are constantly in need of new staff who can work on various functions of different versions of Oracle. Extensive knowledge of Oracle database administration skills can help beginners get a good job easily.

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