How to make competition chili

The recipe below does not contain beans or the like, it is only meat and sauce as dictated by the competition rules. If you really want beans or corn or anything else, go ahead, but regardless, this version of ‘Texas Red’ is only for true chili heads. If you don’t like the heat, don’t turn the pot on!

• 1.5 kg of pork tenderloin
• 10 green cayenne peppers
• Large canned chopped tomatoes
• ½ Large Tin Hunts Tomato Sauce
• 1 bulb of garlic
• 1 medium / large onion
• 4 tablespoons. Power of Chile
• 3 tablespoons. Ground cumin
• ½ teaspoon. Ground oregano
• 4 tablespoons. Hot Balsamic Vinegar
• 4 tablespoons. Malt vinegar
• Bunch of cilantro (enough to fill half a cup before chopping)
• Beef broth (Knorr)
• 1 tsp. brown sugar
• 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Cut the pork into cubes and then brown it in a small amount of oil. Let it rest for about 5 minutes.

Puree the onion in a blender to the consistency of an apple sauce and combine with the pork in a Dutch oven or similar pot and add the beef broth until the pork and onions are covered.

Cook over medium / high heat for 15 minutes without the lid.

Add the ground oregano and half the ground cumin and half the chili powder.

Add the cayenne peppers along with the garlic bulb (peeled) in a blender and blend until very finely chopped. Add half of the chili / garlic mixture plus 2 tablespoons of the hot balsamic vinegar to the pot.

Add the chopped tomatoes to the blender and feed them some legumes to further break them down, then add them to the pot along with the tomato sauce. If you like, you can add the chopped tomatoes as they come out of the can if you like that thicker texture, but the competing chili dictates only meat and sauce, with no lumps that can be identified as onion or chili or tomato. Cook for 15 minutes over medium heat stirring as needed.

Add the other half of the cumin powder and chili powder and chili / garlic mixture plus 2 tablespoons of hot balsamic vinegar. Cook over medium low heat for an hour. Stir as needed to prevent sticking.

Place the cilantro, malt vinegar, and brown sugar in a blender and blend until the cilantro is very finely chopped. Add this mixture to the pot, stir, and turn off.

Let pot sit for 20 minutes before serving with your favorite side (cornbread, rice, baked potato, whatever). Enjoy!

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