How to put together an army promo pack

Your unit will announce when they are considering promotion board packages. They will send correspondence to their subordinate units. This correspondence will describe what they expect the package to look like. In many cases, they will ask for the “Composition of the promotion package, choices and preferences” on the left of the folder. They will ask for A to E of Tab to the right of the folder.

What you will need:

Before you begin, make sure you have the following: Two-hole punch; a two-page, tabbed manila binder with metal snaps centered at the top on each side; manila binder sheets trimmed to separate the different tabs; tab labels; and the parts of your promotional package.

Your unit should have the manila folder with snaps centered at the top. All you need is one that opens, just two blades. You can buy the plastic tabs at a store that sells office supplies. They usually come with instructions on how to produce the labels in Microsoft Word. You will need to go to a website to download the template.

Make copies of the items in your package, both on paper and digitally.

Be sure to make copies of your package, both paper and electronic. Scan all the items in your promo pack. Save them to a folder on your computer, then save that folder to multiple computers, multiple storage devices, and personal internet storage accounts.

This is how it is supposed to work.

Before we continue, here is a breakdown of the tab system “Composition of the promotion package, choices and preferences”.

Your Army promotion package will have the items from Section B of the “Promotion Package Composition, Choices, and Preferences” form. You will see three columns titled; Initials, tab, and description / instructions. The first two blanks below the “Tab” column are for the items that will be at the top of the right side of your package. They do not have their own tab label.

When the reviewer opens your package, they will see the form “Composition of promotion package, choices and preferences” on the left side. They will see your promotion points calculation worksheet (SGT / SSG promotion) on the right. This is form DA 3355. If you are writing a letter to the Chairman of the Board, it will be below your promotion points worksheet.

Below your promotion points worksheet, the reviewer will see a bunch of “tabs” to the side. These tabs are named after the tab number, or letter, that you will find under the tab column. Each tab will be labeled as follows: A, B, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-7, C, D, and E.

When the reviewer holds up the tab label holding “B” and lifts the manila folder sheet attached to the one it is attached to, they will see your DA 2A and 2-1 forms. When you lift up the tab B-1 and the attached folder, you will see your PT card. This concept applies to the entire Army promotion package. Use the “Composition of the promotion package, choices and preferences” sheet as a guide.

How to assemble the package:

Put the “Composition of the promotion package, choices and preferences” on the left side. Apply the two-hole awl, then place it in the clasps on the left.

Have several loose sheets ready from the sides of the manila folder. Start at “E”, this is your “E tab”. As of this writing, it includes military awards, decorations, and letters / certificates of appreciation, recognition, or achievement.

Align the two-hole punch with the metal tabs, and then adjust the metal gauge. You don’t want your copies to bend when you close your promo folder. After placing copies of your award documentation, take the first sheet of manila binder. Use the same two-hole drilling principles that you used before. Put that manila sheet over your award documentation.

Move on to the items that go to section “D”, your “tab D”. As of this writing, this tab contains your military reports, such as DA Form 1059, and other evidence of military education. Be sure to include DA 1059 from your last NCOES course. Include all of your DA 1059 forms in this section. Apply the two hole puncher using the same principles you applied when working with section E (tab E). When you have all the documents, apply the two-hole punch to the manila folder sheet. Put that on top of the items in section “D”.

Repeat this process for the rest of the package. Each tab has its own section. When you’re done, the tabs, on the right, will be in the order they appear in the “tab” column.

Attach the tab labels to the sheets of a single manila folder, after putting the package together.

You can type or hand print the tab labels. Since you want your work to stand out, you need to write those tags. Read the instructions to find out the size of the eyelashes you buy. They will provide you with instructions on how you can download a prepared tab sheet. Write the labels of the above tabs on the blocks and then save. Print these tab labels. Cut them out and slide them into their respective tabs … one by one.

Once you’re done, take one last look. Review all the items in each section of the promo pack. Make sure you have signed everything you are supposed to sign. Once it’s complete, send it to your front-line leader. Make sure you are available to make corrections.

Some useful tips.

1. Take your formal and informal professional counseling sessions seriously. Promotions are earned. Even if you are in the prime area for promotion, your leadership need not recommend you. If you are not ready for the promotion, they will provide you with an advisory statement explaining why.

2. Strive to perform at your expected ability in the next higher rank. Never stop learning your MOS. Always build on the knowledge of MOS you already have.

3. Start building your promotion package early, before you are eligible for the promotion. Update it as soon as you get more promo points. Sometimes promo boards are announced at times when you wouldn’t have enough time to put together a promo package.

4. Maximize your APFT and your weapon qualification scores. Do additional PT in addition to morning PT. Civilian firing ranges offer opportunities to improve your marksmanship between army field visits.

5. Army correspondence courses are the easiest points to get. If you are not taking Army correspondence courses, you are denying yourself easy promotion points.

6. Obtain a copy of the document “Eligibility for Course Promotion Points”. This document lists the courses that qualify for promo points. Try to register for courses that offer promo points.

7. Take college courses online if your training program allows enough time.

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