Isagenix Review: How Do the Products and the Business Compare?

In this Isagenix review, I’ll go over how the products and business compare to others on the market. As someone who has used the Isagenix product in the past and someone who is educated in nutrition and wellness, I will explain the results I have had personally. As an experienced network marketer I will give a solid comparison to other companies.

First, let’s take a look at the products.

For years I thought Isagenix products were diet products. I don’t believe in dieting as a healthy way to achieve ideal body weight, so when I was invited to take a look at the products, I was skeptical. But after finding out that they are nutritional cleansing products, not diet products, I decided to give them a try. I started with the 30-day cleanse because I believe that flushing the body of toxins is the first step to regaining optimal health, and health is important to me.

The main products in the 30-day cleanse are Isalean, Ionix Supreme, and Cleanse for Life shakes.

The shakes are made from organic, undenatured whey protein from New Zealand cows. The protein, amino acid and mineral content is high in Isalean shakes and it really does go down well. Even my kids liked it. The only other whey protein I have found to rival Isalean shakes in quality is Immunocal. Immunocal is another network marketing company with very high standards. Both products are superior forms of whey protein than you’ll find in stores, but in my experience, the Immunocal powder was difficult to drink, both in taste and texture. What impressed me the most about the Isalean shakes was the fact that they contain live enzymes for the first 20 minutes after making them, which is important for proper digestion. I have tried the Greens+ protein, as well as several others from the health food store, but I like the taste of the Isalean shakes better.

Ionix Supreme is a liquid supplement that contains several different adaptogens that counteract the effects of stress, all the B vitamins, as well as the Ionix minerals that are depleted in our soils today. In my opinion, Ionix Supreme is fantastic. Isagenix founder John Anderson has created many products for companies like Nature’s Sunshine, GNC, and Nature’s Whey, but Ionix Supreme is the culmination of more than 30 years of research.

The Cleanse for Life product is used once a week during the 30-day cleanse. It is a combination of cleansing herbs and other ingredients that naturally cleanse the body’s organs and remove toxins. Cleanse for Life protects and restores the body with nutrients while giving the digestive tract ‘a day off’ to restore itself.

There are a couple of other products involved in the 30-day cleanse, but those are the main three. After doing the cleanse and feeling the results, I believe the Isagenix products do what they say. They have a lot of testimonials on their website, but I am someone who needs to feel the results first hand.

I have also tried their Microderm with Natural Sea Mineral Crystals and their Ageless Renewal Serum and thought they were decent. I am a bit of an anti aging buff, so I am quite picky when it comes to skin care.

And now let’s take a look at the Isagenix business.

There are many network marketing companies out there and it can be confusing to choose one. It’s important to love the products you intend to promote, but even more than that, it’s important to understand the business side and make sure you have a solid understanding of how to market yourself and your business.

Isagenix has a binary compensation plan, which means you’re building two legs, which means you have to build two legs. There are pros and cons to a binary pay plan, but the bottom line is if he works, he works.

The good thing about Isagenix is ​​that when you introduce the products to someone, the likelihood that they will reorder on a monthly basis is high for at least 2-3 months, regardless of whether they are doing the business, because people want to lose weight, which is important when it comes to generating residual income.

In any network marketing venture, success comes down to how many people you talk to and how many of them join you. The problem most network marketers face is running out of people to talk to.

These days, the best way to get in front of people looking for a business opportunity is to use the Internet. By getting in front of people who are actively looking for a way to make money from home, or researching different network marketing companies to join, you’ll be able to increase your sphere of influence beyond your warm market and get people to contact you.

The best way to build no Network marketing business these days is a combination of online and offline strategies. By combining today’s technology to reach your market and the personal touch of speaking with them in person after they have expressed interest in working with you It really is the best way to build a profitable home based business.

I chose not to build the Isagenix business, but I did like the products. Isagenix is ​​one of several quality shakes that I enjoy with my family.

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