Kerala Honeymoon Offering Your Romantic Moments Package

Honeymoon vacations are an experience of a lifetime, which is why newlywed couples are often looking for a beautiful place, blessed with a wonderful atmosphere and romantic destinations. Therefore, most couples generally plan honeymoon vacations in Mauritius, Thailand, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, and Paris and many other destinations blessed with wonderful aura and attractions. But celebrating honeymoon in Kerala is really different. Kerala in India is incredibly blessed by the beauty of nature and romantic destinations such as breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, romantic hill stations, exotic and alluring wildlife parks, pristine beaches full of romantic aura, exotic resorts and elegant hotels. , etc. that offer a wonderful experience to celebrate the honeymoon. in a charming and memorable way.

The natural beauty of Kerala is truly amazing and offers a romantic setting to celebrate honeymoon vacations in an exceptional way. Here, the backwaters bordered by the swaying of the coconut and the tranquility offer a wonderful atmosphere and the serenity of nature to couples so that they can share quality time together. The Backwaters cruise is made possible by the houseboat that provides hotel-like luxury and a wonderful environment to enjoy your stay. The houseboat slowly moving on the pristine water takes you through various towns and cities of Kerala and offers you to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature at its best. You will also find several magnetic attractions, which are historically important to Kerala, such as forts, temples, and most importantly, the Chinese fishing net. Some of the popular backwater destinations in the state are Cochin – the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Alleppey – Venice of the East and Kuttanad – Kerala Rice Bowl, Kumarakom – a beautiful paradise on Earth.

The state also has hill stations that are incredibly blessed with the beauty of nature and stunning charm. Among the many such hill stations, Munnar is very popular and is often referred to as the dream destination of couples who have just spent their honeymoon. Due to the incomparable beauty of nature, Munnar is also called as South Kashmir. Here enjoy the beautiful view of waterfalls, well-arranged tea plantations, spice fields and climb the highest peak in South India – Anaimudi and lots of rich flora and fauna in their natural environment. Munnar is the most favored honeymoon destination and is included in almost all Kerala honeymoon packages offered by tour operators.

Apart from all this, there are exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries. These are virgin and beautiful beaches whose charm and atmosphere are incomparable and hardly equaled by other beaches in the world. The state is also rich in culture and traditions and offers you to enjoy its vision by participating in the cultural programs and festivals. More than anything, Kerala is the place with 100% literacy, so the people here are very friendly and down to earth. The warm hospitality and world-class accommodation facilities have also contributed a great deal to Kerala honeymoon planning. Exotic resorts and posh hotels provide villa and cottage d├ęcor and along with delicious delicacies with rich seafood that add a new flavor to the taste buds. All these wonderful destinations and fascinating experiences make honeymoon in Kerala truly an unforgettable experience that every couple will love to treasure for a lifetime.

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