Live Classes for Class 11 & Class 12 Science - CBSE/ICSE Board

Live Classes for Class 11 & Class 12 Science– CBSE/ICSE Board

You must pick your stream for Class 11 and Class 12 once you have finished Class 10. This stream will always determine the direction of your career. Science, Commerce, and the Arts are the three options open to students.Most students want to choose the science stream. You should know that the science stream is further separated into two sections before you choose to stream. Both are medical and non-medical. The subjects are slightly different since certain subjects are still common. Before choosing science in grade 11 & grade 12, you now need to have several inquiries. Some may tell you that science is really hard while others may tell you that in class 11 and class 12 you should just take science.

After taking the scientific stream, what are the graduation options?

After Science Stream in Class 11 and Class 12 there are several alternatives available for graduation. B.Sc., B.Tech, BDS, BMBBS, BBA, B.Arch, and many more courses are among the most outstanding. For science students, most subjects remain available. During your degree, you can move from science to trade to the others. This is one of the benefits in class 11 & class 12 for the choice of science. You may choose the stream in class 11 & class 12 more easily if you have chosen what you want to pursue after class 12.

What are the subjects of science?

Physics: Class 11 and Class 12 are one of the major topics in physics. The subjects include options, gravity, thermodynamics, waves, electromagnetic transfer, optical physics, etc. When you come for an exam, this is one of the most essential subjects for you. To learn all the syllabus that you study in physics, visit the website of NCERT or CBSE or ICSE.

Chemistry:In class 12, chemistry is the next essential topic. This topic is likewise compulsory and is split in two sections. One is non-organic chemistry, while the other is organic. You can learn the regular table, metals, non-metals, equilibrium and other topics in organic chemistry. Everything concerning hydrocarbons is organic Chemistry. You will also learn about chemical kinetics and reaction in Chemistry.

Mathematics:The next topic we’ll discuss is mathematics, which is extremely essential in all parts of life. It is an elective topic. In Math, you will learn many theorems and geometry. In addition, you will gain knowledge of derivation and integration. Finally, statistics are taught in Math.

Biology:Biology is another optional subject in Class 11 and 12. If you want to pursue a career in medicine, you’ll need to take this course. The plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and human anatomy are all covered in biology. If you want to pursue a career in medicine after Class XII, this subject is crucial.

Computer science: Now it’s time to move on to the next optional topic, computer science. A topic is a fantastic choice for those who want to pursue a non-medical career. Object-Oriented Programming, Coding, SQL, and Network Topology are the main topics covered in this course.

English, Hindi, Physical education, Economics are some of the names of other courses that are available for class 11th and 12th science stream. You must choose at least five topics with the option of adding a sixth subject if desired. Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths, and Computer Science are the most common disciplines chosen by non-medical students. Some pupils would substitute physical education for computer science. Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology, and Physical Education are the most common combinations chosen by students when attending medical classes. In certain situations, instead of physical education, the student may take home science or mathematics.

There are many offline coaching classes available in India to learn these subjects. However, in recent years, the development of online coaching centres has changed the education sector by spawning a separate market dedicated to education and test preparation. With the introduction of online education providers and the current Covid epidemic pushing coaching institutes to change to the online method of instruction for their survival, students now have more options. They were already popular before the year 2020, but the Covid outbreak has increased their popularity and demand among today’s students and exam participants.

In order to assist class 11th and 12th students of the science stream stream,Doubtnut is also providing live classes of various courses. You can visit to access the live lectures. As a mix of a video conference and a classroom setting – which we dubbed a virtual classroom – Live Classes enable two-way contact between the student and the instructor, allowing students to effortlessly engage with tutors and study while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Doubtnut provides a fantastic platform that includes an interactive whiteboard as well as a slew of other fantastic features that make learning through Live Classes amazing, simple, interactive, and cost-effective.

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