Mobile phone charger

If you use your mobile phone frequently and use its advanced innovations, most users will observe that they need to recharge it every day, while more careful users will observe that their mobile phone maintains a charge for many days. Having different mobile phone chargers for various situations will be very convenient as you may be able to charge your phones in unusual situations. Normal phones are simply provided with a network charger and this is generally not suitable.

There are a large number of chargers for mobile phones, such as a rope charger, a USB charger, a car charger, and a substitute mains charger. To help you determine what type of phone charger you want, we’ve put together this simplified buyer’s guide.

Replacement hand charger

This type of charger will allow you to recharge your mobile phone from your neighborhood outlet. It is commonly understood as 3-pin for UK and Irish specs or, if you are in Europe in general, it is very likely to have two pins and can handle voltages ranging from 110V to 240V AC. All major manufacturers supply network chargers as a standalone accessory, however major mobile accessory providers like Pama create their own fast mobile phone chargers that are naturally just as great, if not better, than the manufacturer’s originals. Be careful though, there are a significant number of inexpensive imported cell phone chargers that are not of the same quality and manufactured to the same electrical standards.

Chargers in the car

If you need to be able to recharge your mobile phone while in the car, you need a car charger or, as they are sometimes identified, a car charger. This unit will connect to your car’s cigarette lighter and charge your phone similar to a network mobile phone charger. You can buy original products from manufacturers or third-party products, such as the Pama range, at more competitive prices.

USB mobile charger replacement

If you travel a lot with a laptop, it might make sense to use a USB charger. This will allow you to charge your mobile phone with a cable that connects to its USB port. For the non-technical minded, the USB port is a slot in your electronic computer where you normally connect other peripheral devices such as a webcam, mouse keyboard, and other handheld devices.

Emergency chargers

This is particularly useful for those times when you need to quickly recharge your cell phone. Two types of this product that we have in stock are the Mo-Go emergency mobile phone and the mobile emergency charger. The best thing about these types of chargers is that they only need standard alkaline batteries to work and can be attached to your keychain. It is really simple to use, all you need to do is connect the charger to your mobile phone and you may be able to make or receive phone calls.

Mobile rope loaders

For those of you who are environmentally friendly, we have a steady supply of EWUC (emergency rope loaders). These chargers work. All a user has to do is plug it in and wind it up to start charging their cell phone. Ideal for those times when you are outdoors and do not have access to a power source!

Battery charger substitute

There will come a case where your phone starts to lose its power too fast and can’t hold a power charge for a particular number of hours as specified in its specs, then it’s time to change that old battery!

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