Myspace Countdown Clocks

MySpace is one of the most popular social networks on the internet with over 100 million users and ranks sixth on Due to the ability to greatly customize profile pages, many sites have been created to help MySpace users create custom pages with graphics, name generators, photo album scrollers, and many more widgets.

I am going to focus on one particular widget in this article and that is the countdown clock widget.

Countdown clocks

A countdown clock widget allows you to countdown to a certain day, for example, Christmas day is December 25th, so you have to enter that date in the countdown widget and the widget will show a countdown. regressive in days, hours, minutes and seconds until December 25. There are several different types of countdown widgets available, including birthdays, weddings, vacations, holidays, and many more. The most popular countdown timer widget at the time of writing is the pregnancy countdown timer with over 3000 searches per day. Countdown timers for pregnancy are used to count down to your baby’s date of birth and work just like any other countdown timer.

To find countdown clocks for your MySpace profile, go to Google and search for MySpace countdown timers, there will be many to choose from with different layouts, text fonts, animations, colors and sizes, when you have found one that suits you. best to your profile design. enter the widget code in the section where you would like to place the widget.

Share music

Another great feature of MySpace is the music sharing feature, this allows you to search for a band on MySpace and then select a song to add to your profile page, when a visitor looks at your profile the song will automatically play in the background if you are configured to do so in your profile options.

Bands can also set up profiles for their band and upload their music in mp3 format for users to add to their profile, this is a great way to get your band noticed.

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