Nagging ladies: reasons why you need to say goodbye to the little things

Everybody hates a nag; and no matter what you do, those frustrating little things are just unavoidable. So whenever you feel like losing your temper, remember all of these reasons to dismiss the need to babble.

  1. causes stress

Enlarging on insignificant things is one of the common reasons why we get stressed easily. The emotions and energy that go into complaining and chattering sap our strength and weaken our immune systems. Stress, especially when it is prolonged, is totally harmful to our health, so we must avoid any situation that can trigger it.

  1. You’re not right, you’re just mad

In most cases, the sudden influx of strong emotions causes us to lose our sense of rationality. Sometimes we babble about something not because it’s really important, but simply because we’re letting our emotions get the better of us. So ladies, think twice before reacting to something that doesn’t look or sound right, so you don’t come across as a mindless charlatan.

  1. Not only is it ineffective, it also erodes love.

When you stress over something of little value, there’s a good chance you’ll just be ignored. Being ignored makes you angry, and out of your anger come ugly and hurtful words. Know that you can never get what you want by constantly repeating what you say. That will just make people mad at you, or worse, hate you. The trick is to start a mindful conversation.

  1. Annoying only justifies the desire to counter-complain

Complaining about little things and repeating it over and over until something happens never helps. Instead, it just opens a slot for arguments. Once again, you can never get what you want by babbling. Anything you say will just sound like gibberish to anyone who hears it, and they most likely won’t hear you. Address the problem at the root, say it once and leave no room for counter-complaints.

  1. Nagging can be more toxic than infidelity

If you think that cheating or physical abuse can only be the reasons for creating a toxic relationship, think again. A nagging wife or girlfriend can equal the two problems listed above in toxicity. A woman who stresses over little things, magnifies them and often prattles on is no different than a man who is secretly sleeping with another woman.

If someone had told you to stop nagging, listen. Listen before any of your relationships are ruined. Nagging, babbling, babbling, whatever you call it, is a sign of poor communication skills.

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