Nintendo DS games: is it just for kids?

The “King” of game consoles continues to prove that they are still a significant competitor to the game console industry today. In fact, Nintendo released some of the best consoles today, such as the DS, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, Wii, Wii Fit, and GameCube. Nintendo DS is said to be popular with children and children at heart. But is it true that DS games are just for kids? Can adults also play educational games offered by Nintendo DS?

My kids are playing DS games that are suitable for their age, and this made me think that Nintendo DS is just for kids. I had this mind set until one day; I saw a huge list of games that are suitable even for my age. I found that although DS is more focused on educational games for children, I can also learn many things while playing.

Apart from these educational games for children, DS also offers a great selection of games that will educate even adults. For example, a child can learn basic spelling, vocabulary, and grammar while playing. Adults can also purchase a game that will help them improve spelling, vocabulary and grammar, allowing both parents and children to enjoy the game while learning.

The same goes for math and puzzle problems. Games offer easier problems for children. These problems get more difficult as your skills improve and are really designed to improve your skills. We as adults should not ignore these educational games because they will help us improve in the future, and who knows, this game might even help us get a better job. Although adults may prefer other games over these educational ones, we should give one of them a try and see how it can help our children in the future.

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