Office cabinets: 4 factors on which to base your choice

There is no doubt that office storage cabinets are among the most functional pieces of furniture for any business, regardless of its operations. You will find a wide variety of models when you start looking for the ideal unit or units for you. Consider a set of four main criteria that will help you make the best decision without much hassle.


It is best if you measure the space you have available for the unit in your office before comparing different office storage boards. If you want to make the most of corner space, a wider model will certainly do an excellent job. If you have an empty wall that is quite long, you should consider a longer and narrower model.

Height is also very important. A taller model will be better for you if you have a lot of folders and books, but limited space. On the other hand, you might be better off with a desk-height cabinet if you have extra equipment, like a printer, but don’t have space for it on your desk.

2. Design

Traditional office cabinets have all the shelves placed behind the doors. Some modern designs also offer open shelves. These can be arranged in a cabin above the main unit. Alternatively, only one side of the unit may have a door. Open shelves are quite practical for storing items that you need to access. They can also be used to decorate the office.

3. Interior design

The interior design is extremely important to the functionality of such a unit. You can only have shelves of equal width and height. Another option is to have adjustable shelves. It is also possible to divide the unit into two halves, one with shelves and one with drawers. There are even models with long and narrow compartments to store coats. The options are practically endless. You just need to figure out which one will be more functional for you.

4. Doors

Most office cabinets have solid doors that open outward. These are simple and easy to use. If you want to display the items inside, you can opt for a model with glass doors.

Units with sliding doors are ideal for small, crowded offices, as they can easily fit behind a worker’s desk. The problem with them is that you cannot access all the items stored inside them simultaneously. Rolling shutter doors act as space savers and do not have this drawback. However, they are made of plastic which is not particularly durable.

Now it will be much easier for you to buy cabinets for the office.

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