6 Myths of the GOMAD Diet

It’s no secret that I believe in GOMAD – the process of drinking a gallon of milk a day to gain weight and build muscle. It’s far from a perfect process, of course, but there are definitely a lot of myths and misunderstandings floating around. In the next few hundred […]

laundry freak

Are you a fan of laundry? I know who I am. I hate when my husband decides to do a load of laundry because his favorite pair of jeans is dirty. I cringe every time I hear the words: “I dropped a load of laundry earlier.” A myriad of scenes […]

Nokia unlocked mobile phone

I can remember when the mobile phone first came out and think that I could never see myself using one. Now everyone has at least one and couldn’t do without it. The humble mobile phone has become a powerhouse of modern technology with built-in digital cameras, music capabilities, and even […]

Summer holidays in Croatia

The area known as Croatia was inevitably inhabited during the prehistoric period. This is known to be true due to Neanderthal fossils found dating back to the Paleolithic. In addition, more remains of Chalcolithic and Neolithic cultures were unearthed throughout the country. The most impressive of these remains can be […]