ASL: know your 5 parameters

Have you ever seen a sign language interpreter in action? Well, having taken American Sign Language (ASL) courses and then moving on to getting the ‘nuts and bolts’ that an interpreter training program provides, I have learned many aspects of ASL communication and would like to share just a few […]

E-commerce tools

For an ecommerce website to be successful in today’s competitive landscape, you need to pay attention to several factors. Here are the common factors that help ecommerce success. E-commerce software: WordPress, Shopify, Magento Each platform has its own pros and cons, including complexity of use, flexibility, functionality, management, security measures, […]

What are calories?

The word calorie has long been closely associated with diet. Before counting grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, dieters count calories. This was and still is the only way to lose weight. So let’s take a look at what exactly a calorie is and how it relates to body weight. […]

From Moonlight to Millionaires: An Oral History of NASCAR

The history of NASCAR is no different from the history of the United States – a beautiful history devoid of turbulence, defiance, and perseverance. During alcohol prohibition, moonshiners operating near the southern Texas border littered their cars to outrun local police. Federal Revenue Officers would always be on the prowl […]

Canadian Snow Birds Flock to Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals

When Canadian Anne Murray sang her hit song “Snowbirds,” she wasn’t singing about Canadian Geese. She was singing to the thousands of snow-bound Canadians called ‘snow birds’ who make the annual pilgrimage from winter Canada and the Pacific Northwest to warmer climates in places like Southern California. There, snowbirds nest […]

Do I need an LLC for my rental property?

LLCs and real estate seem to go hand in hand these days. Anyone you talk to who dabbles in real estate investing understands the need for liability protection, but may not understand the proper way to protect yourself. Your broker may have told you that an umbrella policy will work, […]