Read and write poetry to ease childhood pain

Healing of childhood wounds can occur through expressing and sharing them. A powerful way to express emotional pain is through poetry. Did you know that when people express difficult feelings, they can release their emotional pain? Writing in general as a form of healing is well documented in books like […]

I’ll Teach You How To Be Rich – Book Review

By: Ramit Sethi (2010) ISBN 978-0-7611-4748-0 Book Price: $ 15.95 Taught about being rich In this book, you can find out how to start with any amount of money and get rich. Be rich Ramit Sethi is the founder and writer of, which hosts more than 250,000 readers each […]

Free picks for MLB betting

FREE MLB SELECTIONS Major League Baseball is a huge draw for bettors, especially since the MLB season, which generally runs from April to November, offers a total of 2,430 games during the period, but also because baseball is quite different from other sports in the sense that there is no […]

Top 10 celebrity breakups we applaud

There used to be a time in history when the only celebrity anyone knew was the leader of their country. Enter the era of television and talkies and that changed as the world increased its point of view on what was hot or not! Fast forward half a century and […]

The JOBS Act – Crowdfunding Now Allowed

President Obama signed the “Startup Our Startup Act” (the JOBS Act) on April 5. Part of this law authorizes crowdfunding for the first time. (Until now, crowdfunding could only be legally performed by a company that effectively provides its goods or services at a discount.) However, that does not mean […]

Tesla Model X: simply stunning and sublime

Quality and performance have remained the best part of Tesla throughout the years. The latest edition is the ‘Model X’ which is considered the most capable, fastest and safest sport utility vehicle. Being an uncompromising vehicle, it has a lot of cool features and quite a bit of cleverness. The […]