Alternatives to investing in real estate

More and more people are realizing that now might be the perfect time to start getting into the business of investing in real estate. Typically this consists of taking old or dilapidated properties that will not be sold and fixing them up so that they can be listed and sold […]

The new look of the NHL

The new look of the NHL is based on geographic location taking into account the time zones teams are based in. The league is divided into two conferences, East and West, with two divisions per conference. New divisions as follows: Division A – Pacific Division B – Central Division C […]

10 types of epic blog posts

Some types of blog posts tend to work better than others. Sure, you can create amazing content that doesn’t fall into the following categories. However, when the most successful bloggers have a hard time structuring their content, they employ the following methods over and over again, with great success. 1. […]

How to Pass the ICC Structural Masonry Plan Exam

A special structural masonry inspector is a member of the construction project team who ensures that the masonry segment is built in accordance with the approved structural plan and specifications. A special masonry inspection is underway due to building code requirements and also to inform the safety and reliability of […]