Monday Night Soccer Trivia – Part 1

Monday Night Football, now on ESPN, is an American institution. Many of the best games in history have been featured over the years on Monday Night Football. Monday Night Football games have been popular with fans and gamers alike. Fans love it because it generally features teams that were successful […]

When innovation becomes an exercise in agility

“The true act of discovery is not finding new lands, but seeing with new eyes.” Marcel proust No company beats Cirque du Soleil to illustrate Proust’s vision, as it has redefined the old-fashioned and decaying theater genre in the 1980s and has been continually changed and reinvented ever since. Cirque […]

How to send a cold email

Want to send a business email to someone you haven’t met before? Like making cold calls, there are some additional precautions you will need to take when contacting prospects. Use a meaningful subject line. A descriptive subject line that immediately indicates to the recipient the nature of the email is […]

Understand how your children learn

Most children have the same speaking style as their parents. They have the same style and tone. You may wonder why this is so. The reason is that the way you raise your children has a huge impact on their personality. They learn almost everything from you. In other words, […]

Pardus game review

Pardus is a free browser game set in the far reaches of space. You are a little pilot trying to succeed throughout the universe. As with most other games, you start out very poor and pilot a small, dull spaceship. To make a name for yourself, you must increase your […]