Seven main advantages of prepaid mobile service over postpaid

The prepaid mobile phone market is ten times that of postpaid mobile phone in India. There can be several reasons. The first seven are:

1. Instant activation

You don’t have to wait three or four days to set up your connection. Enter any retail store with your proof of identity (passport or ID or some kind) and get your connection instantly. Sometimes you can also get your SIM card and connection for free. (I got a free Rs.30 talk time connection).

2. No monthly commitments

There are no monthly fees for the plan. If you don’t want to charge your mobile for three to six months, that’s fine. However, that is not the case with postpaid plans. You have to pay the monthly plan charges. You must make these payments even if you don’t make or receive a call.

3. No late payment penalties

When you exceed your bill payment date, it can usually mean fines and penalties. There is no such penalty in the case of prepaid mobile. You put money in your account whenever you want. And you should not be answerable to the company if you decide not to pay anything.

4. Better control over your expenses

Some people just can’t stop calling. If you are one of them, you know how frustrating it is to look at huge bills. In the case of a prepaid mobile, you can recharge your mobile with low-denomination recharges. Lower balance amounts on your account will prevent you from making unnecessary calls. Bonus: you will learn the benefits of discipline 🙂

5. Changing the number / operator is easy

For prepaid users, you can keep your number active for incoming calls only. This is especially beneficial if you are switching to a new number. You may need to change your number for various reasons. In case of postpaid connection, keeping the connection active costs you money.

6. Carry more than one SIM at no additional cost

I know several people who have more than half a dozen SIM cards. If they were all postpaid connections, they would go bankrupt years ago. However, they can choose to enjoy the benefits of specific service providers anytime they want. You can find special offers that include unlimited free calls to the same network, regardless of the mobile service provider you use. Aircel, BSNL, Reliance, etc. They have offers of this type. With no monthly plans to worry about, you can enjoy the benefits of any network, anytime you choose.

7. Special packages to choose from

You can make use of the special packages that are offered. Prepaid customers can enjoy special packages for GPRS / data usage, SMS / text messages, unlimited free calls for specific periods, and a host of other offers. For postpaid customers, the plans remain more or less the same.

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