Silent Seduction – Make her melt with these killer moves

Many guys completely discount the power of their body language. If you want to learn some principles for displaying strong and dominant body language, then you really need to read this. Seductive body language is paramount in the dating game. Keep reading.

Silent Seduction: How to Make It Melt Without Saying a Word

1. Reduce speed

Many men act “hooked up” when they are at the club or in other similar social situations. What you have to realize is that acting “connected” makes you blend in with all the other fools in the place.

Slow down your movements. Reduce your walking speed and how fast you turn your head when someone calls your name. This gives him the “rock star” personality that women find hypnotic.

In other words, you will really get noticed (and in a positive way).

2. Form-fitting clothing

The clothes you wear are also very important for strong body language. Make sure your clothes accentuate the strong parts of your body.

There is nothing in knowing and using the principles of seductive body language if your clothes can’t show it!

3. Strong eye contact

If you don’t give women strong eye contact, you will like an insecure fool. Simple as that.

By not looking a woman in the eye, you are telling her that you have a hidden agenda or that she is outright intimidating you. Either one will not make her attracted to you.

Strong eye contact shows some strength and integrity in a man. Practice this in the mirror if you really have to.

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