Special Things Girls Need and Boys Don’t

Your girl just arrived. She is cute and beautiful and you love every moment the two of you spend together.

A new parent may struggle with all aspects of child care. We all know that girls and boys are different. Do these differences require specific child care procedures and the purchase of more specialized products?

Diaper changing procedures

Diaper changing is different for girls and boys. Cleaning procedures need to be much more delicate for little girls, in order to prevent infection from taking place.

You should use baby wipes every time you change your child’s diaper. Wipe down so germs don’t spread to the genital region. You should also try to be very gentle and delicate when cleaning.

If you are not sure about the best way to diaper and clean your baby, consult your pediatrician. Your doctor will share the best and safest practices.

skin care

Girls’ skin is very delicate and prone to infections. You need to be very careful when selecting skin care products.

Keep in mind that hormones are passed from mother to baby, and soon after birth, your girl may experience some problems related to changes in hormone levels: acne or even unusual vaginal discharge.

Try to use only children’s cosmetic products designed for delicate and sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic powders and creams are best for your daughter’s needs. She tries to keep her skin hydrated and if she sees unusual allergic rashes, talk to her doctor before deciding on treatment.

ear piercing

If you want your girl to wear earrings, you should consider getting her ears pierced at a young age. The process is far from traumatizing and the sooner you do it, the better. Your girl will have no memories of her and you will be able to get her precious earrings from her girl.

Many parents pierce their daughters’ ears very early, at the age of six months or even earlier.

You need to know that the process is not that painful. Her daughter will be bored and uncomfortable for a while, but she will soon forget all the trouble and show off her beautiful earrings.

Another option is to leave the choice to her. Most girls want earrings, but maybe her daughter has her own ideas. Deciding to wait a while before getting your ears pierced is also an option.

Other than those small differences, girls and boys are very similar. They laugh at the same things, eat the same way. Potty training is also far from gender specific.

You should learn the basics of childcare and you should not worry about the gender of your little one. It’s okay to learn as specific situations occur. Take the time to get to know each other. Your baby is a precious gift and you will love every moment and every little step she takes.

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